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When it comes to wedding entertainment, you want to make sure you hire a company that will make your wedding day truly special. Big Talk Entertainment is a leading entertainment agency in South Africa that offers a wide range of wedding entertainment options. From live music to dance performances, we have the perfect wedding entertainment for your big day.

What makes Big Talk Entertainment stand out from its competitors in South Africa is our commitment to providing only the highest quality wedding entertainment. We have a team of experienced and professional entertainers who are dedicated to making your wedding day perfect. We also offer a wide range of entertainment options, so you can choose the perfect entertainment for your wedding day.

If you are looking for wedding entertainment that will make your wedding day truly special, contact Big Talk Entertainment today. We will work with you to create the perfect entertainment package for your big day.


It’s important to ensure your celebration is filled with fun and excitement, especially during any breaks between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.

With so many amazing wedding entertainers to choose from in South Africa, you can be certain your special day is one to remember. From live music bands and wedding singers to magicians, mentalists, and more, you’ll have no shortage of spectacular options to make your South African wedding a truly unforgettable occasion.

We are a Cape Town-based wedding entertainment agency. We offer expert consulting and planning for all areas in South Africa including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, East London, Port Elizabeth, and any other area in and outside of South Africa. 

If you are looking for a wedding day that is outside of South Africa then please call us. .


Wedding Entertaiment

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turn dreams into reality on your special day

With our wedding entertainment services, we can make your special day even more memorable. It’s important to have a professional make sure you have a show-stopping performance on your big day! We’re a full-service wedding entertainment company, and we can help you plan every detail of your event. We specialize in providing live music for weddings.

Our wedding entertainment solutions are not limited to a few unknown acts or performers. Our portfolio rather consists of what can only be described as South Africa’s most ideal performers, celebs, musicians, comedians, singers, dancers, African acts, and much more.

It is a fact that no matter the theme or style of your wedding, we are certain that we will have the perfect entertainment solution for your big day and night.

Please note that we do appreciate that the sheer number of artists and performers listed on sites such as ours can be overwhelming. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for professional advice and consulting.


How do you entertain guests at a wedding?

  • Hire a wedding master of ceremonies or MC
  • Book African entertainment for traditional weddings.
  • Get the party started with some dance entertainers
  • Live Bands and professional cover bands are great for weddings.
  • Fire-breathers, contortionists, and other specialty acts can be perfect should your theme lend itself towards edgy and exciting entertainment.

There are many ways to entertain guests at a wedding. Some common methods include hiring a band or DJ, having a photo booth, or organizing fun activities like lawn games. We also recommend using a professional master of ceremonies to ensure that all of your live entertainment runs smoothly. When looking to entertain your guests it is important to remember that your guests all of different ideas and preferences with regards to entertainment. Try to choose entertainment that will appeal to everybody.

wedding entertainment south africa
Wedding entertainment South Africa

7 Benefits of Using a Professional Wedding Entertainment Agency

  1. Peace of Mind – When you hire a professional wedding entertainment agency, you can rest assured that the music at your wedding will be done right.
  2. Expertise – With a professional wedding entertainment agency, you get the benefit of their expertise and experience in planning the perfect soundtrack for your special day.

  3. Variety – Professional wedding entertainment agencies have a wide selection of music and entertainment options available to choose from, so you can find something to suit your tastes.

  4. Time Savings – When you hire a professional wedding entertainment agency, they take care of all the details, such as booking the musicians, DJs, and other entertainers, so that you don’t have to.

  5. Cost Savings – Professional wedding entertainment agencies are often able to get special deals on entertainment due to their relationships with vendors, and they can pass those savings on to you.

  6. Professionalism – Professional wedding entertainment agencies guarantee that their staff will be professional and courteous, so you won’t have to worry about any unprofessional behavior from your entertainment.

  7. Peace of Mind – Professional wedding entertainment agencies are insured and bonded, so you can be sure that if something were to go wrong, you would be covered.



Big Talk is the perfect company to partner with to take care of your wedding entertainment requirments. If you are looking for just a single act or perhaps a variety of different performers and groups then we can assist you. We understand the stresses around making sure that your wedding is perfect. With Big Talk as your entertainment provider we can assusre you that you will be able to take a deep breath and relax a bit knowing that your entertainment is sorted out by professional.

Wedding entertainment South Africa

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Q: What services does Big Talk Entertainment offer for weddings?

A: We provide wedding entertainment tailored to your individual taste. Our experienced DJs can spin classic and contemporary music from all genres, offering a wide selection of sounds to create the perfect atmosphere. Together with our professional event coordinators and live bands featuring acoustic ensembles, we strive to make each wedding celebration unforgettable. Furthermore, karaoke or lip-sync battles are also available if desired as some fun interactive options!

Q: How long will it take for me to get an estimate on my wedding package?

A: To give you a comprehensive quote based on your specific needs and budget requirements, please fill out our easy online form with details about what kind of service you’d like us to provide at your special day. Once this is completed one of our team members will be in contact within 24 hours with a detailed proposal outlining pricing information and other specifics.

Q: Is there an option for custom playlists?

A: Customized playlists are absolutely something that we can accommodate! Let us know in advance which songs should never be played during the night so they don’t accidentally appear over speakers; alternatively, let us know what type of music should definitely feature because everyone loves those special tunes that bring up fond memories when heard again together! Your DJ will use their experience combined with creative intuition in order to ensure that every

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