Live entertainment South Africa

Top factors to consider when hiring
entertainment in South Africa

Event entertainment is a fantastic way to bring out the most of your event or
party celebration. In this article, we take a look at the top factors to consider when hiring
live entertainment for your event.

With the massive variety of different artists, acts and categories now available
for hire, it can be a daunting prospect to choose live
entertainment that is best suited for your event. This is the reason we
decided to put this article together so that we could offer some assistance
and guidance as to the best way to go about hiring live event entertainment for corporate or private functions.
Some of the key factors to consider when hiring live entertainment include:

– Audience demographics: Understanding your audience and what type of
events they are most interested in is important when determining which type
of live entertainment would be best suited for your event.

– Budget and availability: Another key factor to consider is your budget and
availability, as this will determine which type of live entertainment you can

– Type and style of the event: Certain types of live entertainment may be more
suitable than others. For example, if you are planning a formal corporate
function or gala dinner, a more traditional band or performer would likely be
more appropriate than an energetic dance act or DJ. This is a personal preference normally by the event organizer but the style of entertainment should be paired correctly with the event’s theme.

Why Hire Entertainment for your event?

Entertainment is what makes or breaks a party or event. Often it is the
entertainment that will have the biggest impact on the guest’s overall
experience of the event. A great live band, singer, dance act, or a variety of
other categories can be included in your event’s entertainment for the
particular day or night.

What are the benefits of hiring live entertainment in South Africa?

  • It can create a more lively and vibrant atmosphere
  • It can add an element of fun and excitement to your event
  • It can help to make your event more memorable for guests
  • Entertainment can be used as an ice breaker or conversation starter among guests
  • Entertainment can provide entertainment for guests of all ages.
  • For many event types, the entertainment can be a talking point after the event and this can enhance the overall message that your event was trying to convey.
  • Creating memorable experiences is the goal of any successful event and with the right live entertainment, you stand an almost certain chance of doing so.

Entertainment Categories for your consideration

Depending on your event style or type you should ideally have some sort of
an idea as to the categories of entertainment that you would personally like to
include in your party’s artist line-up. This can serve as a good starting point To
do this it’s always best to review the theme of the event you are creating and
then hire entertainment that will support the overall theme and style of your
event. This does not mean that diversity is not an option. In fact, we often see
some of the biggest events mix it up when it comes down to the
the entertainment line-up for the day or night’s proceedings. For example, Vocal
acts can be paired with dance acts alongside African acts and even classical
and instrumental music. There is nothing wrong with mixing it up but 
the secret to success comes in the way that you can combine the different
entertainment categories into one event – The overall structure or composition
of your line-up and factors such as

● What time the act or performing artists will play
● Will they play in a spread-out fashion throughout the evening or will you
have a dedicated entertainment lineup that plays in a procedural one
after the other fashion
How long should each artist or act perform for?

These factors are important as you may want to hire a DJ for the night and
other forms of entertainment for the day or more towards the beginning of
your event.

What are the most popular forms of live entertainment?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person or event to event.
The type of entertainment that you hire should ideally be reflective of the
the theme of the event, the style, and your guest’s expectations. That being said some
types of entertainment are more popular than others and these include:
Bands (for example cover bands, corporate bands, and party bands)

– Dj’s
Vocalists (for example solo singers, duos, choirs)
Dancers (for example hip hop dancers, break-dancers, tap dancers,
contemporary dancers)

These are only a few examples and for a complete list of all entertainment
categories we can offer you please click here.

One very important factor is the consideration of a master of ceremonies for
your event. Big Talk Entertainment has the industry’s most recognized master
of ceremonies who can facilitate and in effect host your event. Check out our
master of ceremonies that are available for hire and we will help you choose
the best one for your event if needed.


If you are looking to hire live entertainment for your next event or corporate
function, be sure to consider the many benefits of choosing high-quality
performers that can help elevate the experience and create lasting memories

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