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JUST 6 is a six-member Afro-Pop & Vocal Jazz group from Pretoria (South Africa), founded in 2011. Known for their distinctive harmonies, clear vocals, and memorable melodies, JUST 6 has developed a unique style called AFRO-VOCAL PLAY that seamlessly fuses their voices, enabling them to make a lasting impression on their audiences, both locally and internationally. AFRO-VOCAL PLAY consists of the imitation and imitation of instruments sounds using only the human voice.

Rashaka Mbevhana formed JUST 6 in 2011 in church as a harmony group of four singing traditional doowop gospel music. Nkosie Hopspas and Fezile Makuso would later join the group, making it the dynamic sextet that we now know as JUST 6. Since then, the group has won numerous awards and competitions, leaving an imprint on both national and international platforms. They have toured Europe and Africa, performing at small private functions, festivals stages, concerts, and other functions.

JUST 6 is a world-class group driven by their drive to excel. Two EPs (“Take Me Back” and “Stimela”) have been released by the group, as well as three award-winning albums.

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