Representing South Africa’s diverse culture of Traditional African Dancers & Entertainers

South Africa has been called the Rainbow Nation because it is made up of so many diverse cultures and traditions. It consists of many groups with different languages, religions, race, music and dance. It is of utmost importance to promote and be proud of our South African culture and identity. Incorporate traditional South African Entertainment elements into your event ensuring that all demographics are represented.

African Entertainers

Abavuki marimba and Brass For hire at Big Talk Entertainment

Abavuki Marimba and Brass

ABAVUKI are a powerful African Jazz outfit from Langa, Cape Town and have been playing their infectious afro-beat marimba grooves since 2001. The eight members in the group, all multi-instrumentalists, are influenced by kwaito, samba, jazz and traditional rhythms, which they translate within a modern format, using marimbas, percussion and brass instruments.
African Traditional Zulu Dancers For hire at Big Talk Entertainment

African Traditional Zulu Dancers

Traditional singers, dancers and drummers performing traditional Zulu style, gumboot dancing or African style dancing. Great for weddings, foreign event audiences and welcoming’s. 

African welcoming carpet lady for hire at Big Talk Entertainment

African welcoming carpet lady

Our beautiful African Queen or African Musician welcoming guests to their event in a long African carpet that becomes the dress of the African Queen.
Amazebra for hire at Big Talk Entertainment


Amazebra is a youth-based traditional dance group from the township of Ntuzuma. They were finalists in SA’s Got Talent 2017. They were also the first African group to qualify for the World Dance Festivals, and represented the continent at the 2018 World event at Plocki Oṡrodek, Koszẹcin, Andong and Cheonan.

Happy Feet for hire at Big Talk Entertainment

Happy Feet

The Community Project, Happy Feet, offers a mix of song, dance and interaction with your guests. Ideal as a welcoming or ice-breaker, the cast of 20 Gumboot Dancers will range in age from 6 to 18.
Hlanganani Marimba for hire at Big Talk Entertainment

Hlanganani Marimba

Hlanganani is a marimba band from the township of Langa. The band was formed in 2005 and today consists of eight members. Mvuzo Ndengezi is a vocalist and dancer, Andile Kraai is an all rounder, Luyanda Mafanga is a vocalist percussionist, Ayanda Gila is an all rounder, Luvo Mnqanqeni is a vocalist and drummer, Anele Botile is a percussionist and Simphiwe Mkhaza is a dancer and conga player.
Ikamva Marimba and vocals for hire at Big Talk Entertainment

Ikamva Marimba and vocals

The Ikamva Marimba Band (Ikamva meaning "Future") is a marimba band with all its members hailing from Khayelitsha, the second largest township in South Africa.

Their repertoire consists of a wide variety of songs including gospel, jazz and popular international hits reworked with a unique African flavour.

Praise Singer for hire at Big Talk Entertainment

Praise Singer

The Parise Singer gives careful consideration before participating in an event, frequently researching the topic at hand, maybe preparing a specific framework for a recital. Like a jazz musician, the lines of an Imbongi are never fixed – they are improvised, at times melodic and at times melancholy. And not always guaranteed to please with tame platitudes - A lion must Roar!
Pantsula Dancers for hire at Big Talk Entertainment

Pantsula Dancers

THE PANTSULA dance group, was established to empower creative minds. They consider themselves ‘the real thing’, with their unique interpretation of Pantsula and their own aspirations of distinguishing themselves from the rest. They believe that a positive impact on their community, through their passion for dance, will revive the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’.

Book Qadasi at Big Talk Entertainment Booking Agency


Hailing from Empangeni in the heart of Zululand, Qadasi and Maqhinga are an acoustic duo on a quest to revive the powerful sounds of traditional Maskandi music. Both professional musicians in their own right and sharing the same vision, joining forces has resulted in an international calibre of music which represents the heart and soul of South African roots music.

The African Dance Theater for hire at Big Talk Entertainment

The African Dance Theater

The energy of the show takes us on an African journey through time. Through the universal rhythm of popular songs, dance, emotive imagery and the thunderous beat of the African drum, we witness the cultural evolution of our beautiful land. From the ancient rituals of tribal stick fighting behind shadow screens to the powerful war dance of African warriors.

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