Ndlovu Youth Choir

The Ndlovu Youth Choir is a sensational and vibrant chorus of African songs and dances. Ndlovu is a group of young singers and dancers who look to instill the spirit of Ubuntu within their audience by getting the audience to clap, dance, and sing.  This sensational choir is a choir that instills delight into the hearts of all those who are lucky enough to watch them perform live.

Ndlovu Youth Choir has a very promising future both on the national and international side. Big Talk Entertainment is proud to have this amazing choir within our portfolio due to the exceptionally energetic and culturally diverse assortment of South African music that they perform. Big Talk Entertainment has therefore decided to feature the Ndlovu Youth Choir as one of our featured acts for this month. 


What to Expect from the Ndlovu Youth Choir

Firstly you can definitely expect to feel the infectious joy and spirit of Ubuntu fill up your soul when witnessing this spectacular act.  Ndlovu performs South African music ranging from Afro-pop/ Jazz classics to traditional South African music arrangements of international hits that creatively incorporate a wide variety of South African genres.


Established in 2009, the Ndlovu choir had the aim of being able to offer talented, underprivileged teenagers and young adults the chance to perform locally and abroad. In essence, the choir is made up of 30 choristers from the Moutse Valley in rural Limpopo.

The Ndlovu choir is also a part of the Ndlovu care group’s child care community program. The primary aim is to see that children who come from underprivileged backgrounds are still able to receive the same levels of care and education as those who come from more affluent communities.

Choristers who have participated in Ndlovu’s music program have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of a world-class extramural developmental program, not only for enhanced opportunities but also as a distraction from the challenges that come with living in disadvantaged communities. 
Ndlovu Youth Choir

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