Ben Peters — Producer/Beats/Electronic Percussion
Juliet Harding — Vocals/Production/Songwriting
Tim Welsh — Live Synths/Saxophone/ Production

GoodLuck is an award-winning, chart-topping live electronic band from Cape Town, South Africa charged with a global sound. The trio has grown to become one of South Africa’s biggest electronic outfits
buzzing on the international scene.

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The GoodLuck sound fits nicely between the worlds of electronic-pop and accessible dance music, while taking subtle influences from genres as varied as afro-house, jazz and beyond. Their shape-shifting,
genre-bending style is driven by the group’s diverse musical tastes and backgrounds. That dynamic dexterity is all part of the GoodLuck ethos: When three musicians come together to create, there are
three perspectives, three ideologies and three agendas to balance.
At the heart of GoodLuck is the band’s collaborative spirit. “It’s a little bit like cooking,” says producer Ben Peters of the band’s creative process. “Different members of the band will bring ingredients to the
kitchen, and most of the time it falls on me to chef it all together and put something on the table.” “But there’s no hard recipe,” adds vocalist Juliet Harding. “We’ll all come up with a song concept, and then I’ll
write about the feeling it’s inspiring in me. It’s very collaborative.”
While their sound is rooted in the band’s South African homeland, with the rhythms of Afrobeat, Afro-house, tribal music, and African drums lining their songs, GoodLuck’s sonic style is defined by a modern
electronic edge with global crossover appeal. The studio is where the group crafts the magic, but the stage is where it all comes to life.

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