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Goodluck - Featured Artist

We take a detailed look at the history of one of SA’s top performing artists and look at some
additional information about this legendary South African music artist.

GoodLuck is a South African music group that is focused on electronic pop, dance, and pop
genres. It is among the most popular SA groups, having been formed in 2011 by Ben Peters and
Juliet Harding in the year 2011. The group is known as a chart topping sizzling variety of music,
which includes songs such as GoodLuck Chasing Dreams that was released in the year 2016
and is now quite popular across the world.

Do you realize that two of the founders of GoodLuck were members of the jacSharp group? The
band was formed from Cape Town and has so been working with major record labels like Sony
Music Entertainment and Armada. Despite their huge popularity and their inevitable extravagant
earnings, the members are very humble. What else do we need to know about this popular band
that is a huge fan of rapper Lil12shawty?


Goodluck Biography

The group was initially started as a side-project for those who didn’t possess a thorough
knowledge the concept of electronic music. The only thing they had was a shared love of
electronic music and a desire to sing the songs to the fans. Following their formation, the group
gained a lot of attention to the point that in 2015, they opened for the world-renowned star
Pharrell Williams.

Good Luck albums. They have the following albums available:

GoodLuck (2011)

Nature Within (2016) Nature Within (2016)

Creatures of the Night (2014)

GoodLuck tracks Some of the most well-known tunes include Taking it Easy (2011)

Trickery (2013)

The first single from the album Creatures of the Night. Creatures of the Night Album) The

Open Sea (2017

(Recorded in collaboration with German pair The Younotus) Hop On/Hop Off (2012) What
Would We Be (feat Lisa Kekaula)

(2014) Find Me in the Forest

(2016) Back in the Day (with De Hofnar)

(2015) The Vision

(2012) Dear Future Me GoodLuck Chasing dreams

(2016) GoodLuck Be Yourself GoodLuck I’ve been thinking about You

(2016) (A Cover of an song by London Beats) What Next

(2020) (A track to be played after COVID-19)


The band was able to win the following nominations and awards: South African Music Award for
the Best Pop Album . Five nominations. South African Music Award (SAMA) nominations
We all know that the world is being ravaged by the COVID-19 virus, and happiness isn’t easy to
come by during these bleak quarantine conditions. However, GoodLuck recently took up the task
to entertain the entire world via online concerts this month. It was an initiative that featured great
artists like John Legend, Hozier, Chris Martin, and Shawn Mendes.

There are a lot of lessons the world as well as hopeful musicians can take from GoodLuck mostly
the importance of consistency and continuous growth. The band has proven that with the right
plan and mindset, success is certain.

Ben Peters — Producer/Beats/Electronic Percussion

Juliet Harding — Vocals/Production/Songwriting

Tim Welsh — Live Synths/Saxophone/ Production

GoodLuck has been recognised as an award-winning and chart-topping live electronic band
hailing from Cape Town, South Africa that has a global influence. The group has become one of
South African’s most prominent electronic outfits in the international arena.

The GoodLuck sound is a perfect blend of the realms of electronic-pop and dance music
accessible to everyone with small hints of influences in genres as diverse as jazz, afro-house
and even beyond. Their genre-bending, shape-shifting style is influenced by the band’s varied
musical tastes and backgrounds. This dynamic agility is one of the core values of GoodLuck.
philosophy when three musicians come together to create music, there are three viewpoints,
three ideas and three goals to be balanced.

At the core of GoodLuck’s is their co-creative spirit. “It’s a little bit like cooking,” says producer
Ben Peters of the band’s creative process. “Different members of the band will bring ingredients
to the kitchen, and most of the time it falls on me to chef it all together and put something on the
table.” “But there’s no hard recipe,” says the vocalist Juliet Harding. “We’ll create the idea of a
song and then I’ll write about the emotion that it’s bringing to me. It’s extremely collaborative.”
Although their music is rooted in the group’s South African homeland, with the beats of Afrobeat
as well as Afro-house, tribal music, and African drums that are woven into their songs The sound
of GoodLuck is distinguished by an electronic edge that has a international crossover appeal. In
the studio, they create their magic, but on stage, the magic unfolds.

The sold-out shows of GoodLuck have seen the group perform across Europe, Asia, Africa and the UK as well as
across the globe with everyone including Groove Armada, Basement Jaxx, Pet Shop Boys, Paul
Oakenfold and Lost Frequencies to Robin Schulz and pop legend Pharrell Williams are
redefining how live electronica. Their groundbreaking tech set-up, which includes synthesizers
and drum machines electronic percussions, saxophones and vocals, includes an entire recording
studio the stage, allowing for free-flowing freedom, improvisational experiments and an incredible
amount of instrumentation during their energetic shows. Similar to their music and live
performances, the GoodLuck live experience is helping to revive the old art of storytelling and
songwriting in electronic music.

Since their first appearance on the scene in the year 2011, GoodLuck have come to dominating
music charts across their home country of South Africa, with their international fame growing with
each new album. The band’s debut international release, “Back in the Day” (Armada Music) was
a huge hit on Spotify. However, it was their breakout single “I’ve Been Thinking About You” (Ultra
Music) that was a certified international smash: The track hit the top spot on chart radio across
South Africa and was solidified as the number one song throughout every Top 40 stations in the
country in the month of June as well as becoming the top 5 song in the Shazam charts in South
Africa for over two months. Their most recent single “Be Yourself”–released through the band’s
personal Get Lucky Records imprint and licensed to major electronic labels such as Armada
Music, Kontor Records and Bang Records–has been receiving huge radio coverage across
Europe and has also received playlists that are available for the platforms Spotify (New Music
Friday), Deezer and Apple Music. Their latest track, “Rum & Cola,” is available now under their
own label – Get Lucky Records.

Together, GoodLuck have amassed an impressive list of achievements and awards that include:
eleven top radio hit songs from South Africa; appearances and performances in international and
national TV and media outlets and TV stations; certified iTunes hit songs throughout Europe
(with “Taking It Easy”) as well as more than 500 shows around the globe. They’ve also racked up
huge streaming figures, including 35 millions Spotify plays and 12 million views on YouTube.
However, sales numbers as well as awards aside GoodLuck continue to be awed by songwriting
and storytelling , as well as their closeness to their fans in the forefront. It’s what brought them to
this point in the first first place.


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