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Speciality Acts

Book any of these top speciality acts for Corporate Evenings/Events or as part of a Themed Event.

Aerial Cube Act, Ribbon Act, Bubble Girls, Drum Machine, Fire Dancers, Singing Waiters, Contortion, Strength Acts, Drumming, just a few of the many spectacular Speciality Acts created with precision and skill to take your breath away!

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Speciality Entertainers



Acrobatic performance on a structure that looks like a petticoat. It can be set to a specific theme as well. A unique act to Big Talk Entertainment. This is a specialty act!!


Aerial Cube Act Duo

Watch in awe as our Aerial Cube act flips, contorts and dazzles you with their display of aerial gymnastics within a giant metal cube. This Aerial Cube Act is a great addition to any event, it is a perfect way to greet your guests and provide jaw-dropping acts that are certain to be the highlight of your event.

Aerial Half Moon

A magical half moon floating in the air with 1 or 2 acrobats performing breath taking tricks, strength and balance combinations.

aerial hoop

Aerial Hoop - Duo

Two acrobats performing tricks, balancing combinations and beautiful shapes on the aerial hoop.


Aerial Hoop / Lyra - Solo

The aerial hoop is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists may perform aerial acrobatics. It can be used static, spinning, or swinging. This is a speciality act.

aerial lollypop

Aerial Lollypop

Lollipop Aerial Artists doing incredible and impressive tricks on the human size lollipop. It is an aerial hoop placed on top of a static stage pole.

aerial net hammock

Aerial Net Hammock

Acrobats performing tricks in a hammock like net hanging in the air.


Aerial Show

Mesmerize your guest with incredible acts of strength, balance, and poetic artistry.

Aerial silk

Aerial Silk Ribbons Solo

Aerial silks is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric.

Aerial Trapeze

Aerial Trapeze

Trapeze swinging or static is still very impressive. An iconic circus apparatus with beautiful performers.


Aerial Web

The Aerial act that looks like a rope. Swinging and spinning till you are dizzy. Rates include the costume, aerial artist and spinner at the bottom. Does not include rigging.

African welcoming carpet lady

African welcoming carpet lady

Our beautiful African Queen or African Musician welcoming guests to their event in a long African carpet that becomes the dress of the African Queen.


All Stars LED Band

Did someone say party? Unique and vibrant, meet Africa’s first LED party band! Throwing bongos, electric violin and keys into the mix with DJ, All Stars is the ultimate party-starter band. With their love of local pop, Afro and Latin House remixed in a catchy South African style, and they create a fun and memorable vibe for any event!


Beauty And The Beat

Be blown away by South African Beatbox champion and vocal phenomenon, Morgan Beatbox, as he is joined on stage by one of South Africa’s foremost violinists, Kristel Birkholtz. They will leave you astounded as you embark on a symphonic journey of beats and melodic sounds.

Body Painted Characters/Artists/Dancers

Dancers, hostesses or actors painted head to toe in colourful designs, unique patterns, statue-like, animals or perhaps superhero characters.

Bubble Girls

Artist dancing in a bubble with amazing LED lighiting effects.

Caricature Artist

Caricature Artist

A caricature is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes, or through other artistic drawings. +- 20 sketches per hour.


Cathy Del Mei – Illumosax

Shoot for the stars with a 3 sixty lit sax effect. Ignition of the sax and advanced lighting effects transports guests into new dimensions. Your brand world, your brand color. Transgress the future of your event and Elevate your eventing space. Perfect for various eventing combinations

contortionist south africa


Contortionist is a performance art in which performers showcase their skills of extreme physical flexibility. Extremely rare speciality act.


Cube Act

A ground cube act with dance, balance and flexibility. Can be done with one or two artists/acrobats.

cyr wheel

Cyr Wheel

Large circular ring with an artist doing the most incredible acts within the Cyr Wheel.


Dancers - Martini Glass

Acrobat or dancer performing in a giant Martini glass.


Diamond Act

A ground act that rotates and can be sold as an aerial speciality act. This speciality act includes 1, 2 or 3 acrobats. You can choose to have it with LED lights & lasers as well. Includes set up and transport of structure. Area space needs to be 3,5m x 3,5m.


Drag Artists

Shimmering costume changes, fascinating illusion, alluring dance, vaudeville & a comedic wink. You’ll never see the same show twice or know what to expect!


Drum Machine

Drum Machine is an unprecedented, technological music phenomenon. Utilising a one-of-a-kind 55'' transparent Holo screen, accompanied by 13 light drums and cymbals, this state of the art, custom-designed machine was built to rock dance floors around the world.


Fire Dancers

Our team of elite fire dancer performers will delight your guests with ambient and sizzling fire shows. Whether you are looking for a jaw-dropping fire show to round-off your party or ambient fire displays to take place throughout your event, the variety of shows we offer are guaranteed to create the most suited fire entertainment for your event.

Fire Hoop Dancers

A hula hoop performer that lights the hoop on fire.

Football Tricksters

Break-dancers and football tricksters doing impressive tricks with a soccer ball.


Jabulani Simango

When Jabulani Simango was younger he was part of a Panstula group, but as things go, that whittled away. Instead, he decided to see if he could make his puppets dance. He says, with a great smile on his face. He has “mastered it and it's truly a South African art form to be proud of”.


Laser Ring Act

1 giant rotating ring, 2 acrobats, any colour tunnel laser, smoke and dramatic music will be one of the best performances you will ever see. Includes transport of structure, smoke machine, laser machine and operator, 2 acrobats, costumes, rehearsals, 2 pushers and technician.

led dancers

LED Dancers

4 LED dresses that can be set to any colour desired and even a disco flash.

led pixel / graphic roi

LED Pixel / Graphic POI

160HD LED sticks that are programmable to animated pictures and logos. Great for launches, corporate events, corporate promotions, and business parties.


Lira Act

In every space there is light… a bright beam of energy and inspiration that excites and brings joy to all who experience it..


Paint Addiction

Paint Addiction Act is a company driven by our creative nature and inspiration. We paint, sculpt and create where ever we can. Clients from all backgrounds and locations bring their crazy or seemingly subtle ideas to us and allow us the opportunity to bring their visions to life.

pole dancers

Pole Dancers

Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole.

Red-carpet lady

Red Carpet Lady

Beautiful lady attached to a welcoming red carpet.


Sand Artist

A unique and impressive art form, this unusual entertainment option is ideal for bringing the wow factor to your event, and ensuring that guests will be captivated from start to finish. Using sand and sound, our talented performers create breath-taking shows which tell stories or illustrate a message in a wholly enchanting way, adding that extra special touch to your occasion.


Singing Waiters

This is the most sophisticated and popular of all the surprise acts we have to offer. Singing classic Arias made famous by the likes of the amazing Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras, there is nothing more moving and life affirming than having opera performed right in front of you. For pure class and wow factor.


Strength Act / Adage

Wow, your audience with this breathtaking and memorable balance and strength act. The complete trust and faith that the performers have in each other is parallel to how an effective team works.

strength act trio

Strength Act Trio

3 performers showing off trio tricks with balancing acts, strength and dance combinations.

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The Cellosphere

Cellosphere is a brilliant and bespoke staging concept that creates a magical, visual and musical performance. The musicians featured in the bubble, display an exceptional repertoire, talent and experience, and are strikingly presented in designer gowns.


The Galaxy Dress

Elegant & eye-catching, The Galaxy Dress is a magnificent new corporate entertainment concept. This exquisite dress was inspired by Red Carpet couture. The beautifully designed ‘star lighting’, the dramatic height of the dress (the artist is raised on a plinth) and the outstanding musical performance creates a dazzling wow factor for events. This labour of love includes nearly 1000 LED lights individually tailored to create a dazzling ‘fashion meets music meets LED’ effect. Top musicians do a bewitching performance that will have audiences scrambling for their phones.


The Mushroom Garden

Plunging your guests into a world of fantasy and imagination, The Mushroom Garden performance is a mind-boggling display of colour, unreal costumes, and a whole world of oddities. The LED UV show features a range of intriguing shape-shifting characters that are guaranteed to fascinate your guests and put a smile on everyone’s faces. Adding to the eye-catching aspects of this act are stilt walkers, giant caterpillar puppet and LED props.


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