Corporate Entertainment: A brief overview and key considerations

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If you are looking to host or consider entertainment for your company then you will find the information below to be useful to ensure you are taking all factors into consideration.

Having a successful corporate event not only brings fun but promotes networking and interaction with attendees. This is further enhanced when the correct corporate entertainment is selected. Often businesses are able to increase or boost business activities as a result of a successful event. 

The key is to select the correct corporate party entertainment that will capture your audience while also conveying your brand’s message. 

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Corporate Entertainment: Key Considerations

We recommend that you consider the following types of entertainment when hosting or throwing a corporate event. Bear in mind that the style and formality alongside the goals and objectives of your event will often dictate the types of corporate entertainment you decide to go with. The following categories should serve as a good guideline to help your planning.

  • Comedians
  • Dance Acts
  • Singers / Vocal acts
  • Classical music
  • Master of Ceremonies – Very popular for corporate event entertainment
  • Speciality acts 
  • African Entertainment
  • Sports Celebrities – Well suited for functions that require a featured speaker
  • DJs – Suited for a wide variety of corporate events and are quite versatile
  • Live Bands and cover bands
  • Magicians and mentalists
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Organizational Benefits of corporate entertainment

Corporate events provide an awesome opportunity to engage employees or convey the brand in a certain light to your target audience. When considering your event it is essential to consider the entertainment lineup for the occasion. A lot of the success or failure of the function will be a result of the entertainment. Entertainment plays a massive role in creating a fun and exciting atmosphere and it also has the ability to attract the target audience you may be targeting if your event is more public in nature. Often corporate entertainment is used to try and promote a sense of unity and discover a common bond between an organization’s employees and staff members. 

Team-building corporate entertainment is a popular form of corporate entertainment. Popular team-building activities will generally aim to get the attendees active and involved. Team building corporate entertainment aims to allow employees to recognize how the challenges that are associated with the activities are related to the workplace. 

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Choosing professional entertainers that are suited to your specific audience and the tone of your event can ensure your employees and/or customers have a memorable experience. Big Talk Entertainment is a leading corporate entertainment agency based in Cape Town that can assist you with all your corporate entertainment needs.

Effectiveness of Corporate Entertainment

Corporate events which have the right choice of entertainment can help in numerous ways to promote company loyalty among staff members and may also encourage a more harmonious environment in the workplace leading to enhanced productivity and reduced levels of stress.

  • Corporate events and entertainment is effective in Introducing new products to the public or members of the company
  • This may lead to increased customer retention rates
  • It helps to create new networking opportunities
  • Improved employee relations may occur as a result

Today, many companies use corporate entertainment to create a buzz around their product or service. A corporate event may be a good way to provide clients with information about a service or product. An effective product launch using corporate entertainment not only creates an eye-catching, memorable moment but also integrates a brand’s identity and key messages to give businesses a powerful voice. 

Workplace stress can be reduced. Your staff will perform better when they are happier. If you’ve been looking for a good way to reduce stress, why not provide corporate entertainment that brings joy and laughter to your employees? 

Make your customers feel valued, and they’ll reward you with loyalty, which leads to profits and a successful business. Research shows that the lion’s share of your future revenues (80%) will come just from 20% of your existing customers. Did you know that retaining an existing customer costs less than attracting new customers? Think beyond the usual gift cards or discounts. Consider creating memories through highly impactful corporate entertainment to gain a good share of your customer’s minds.

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There is a lot involved in planning a corporate event, whether it’s a conference, sales event, customer appreciation event, or corporate party. Most event planners don’t want to add tasks to their to-do lists, especially when it comes to booking quality entertainers. A lot of people work with us as a result of this. Big Talk Entertainment will help ensure that your businesses corporate event entertainment is perfectly suited to your goals and objectives. We will also make certain that the entertainers are reliable and we provide expert consulting and advice throughout the entire process taking the hassle and worry factor out of your hands. Leave it to the professional and get in touch with us to book your favorite entertainment for your corporate event.



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