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Hire a celebrity speaker or guest to make an appearance and give your event that magical touch. We can book many of South Africa’s biggest celebrities for your event.

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Make a booking for your favorite celebrity to feature at your event

One of the most successful celebrity booking services in South Africa is called Big Talk Entertainment. Big Talk Entertainment is your one-stop shop for securing celebrity appearances at whatever event you plan. Our organization, which has its headquarters in Cape Town, is dedicated to providing our customers with the services of South African celebrities and speakers that are both inspiring and interesting.

The booking process of a celebrity may appear impossible, but rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure that the right celebrity attends your birthday party or other private events. Your guests will be so delighted that they won’t find the words to express how impressed they are when we identify the celebrity who is the perfect match for your occasion.

Big Talk Entertainment coordinates the keynote speakers for various events, including conventions, conferences, and other gatherings, for for-profit and non-profit organizations. Your complete contentment is our highest goal, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that working with our company is a rewarding experience for you. We prioritize understanding as much as possible about you and your expectations in advance so that we can provide you with the specialized care that your event requires and deserves.

Big Talk Entertainment is the one-stop shop for all your celebrity booking needs, so take your time. The fields of music, television, sports, and business are just a few of the ones in which we work with well-known people.

Big Talk Entertainment is the go-to celebrity booking agency for any event, be it a corporate event, a fundraiser for a charitable organization, or even a surprise birthday party for a loved one. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to ensure that your event will be one that people will remember by securing the participation of the celebrity of your choice.

We Help Select, Hire and Book Celebrity Performers for Your Event.

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South African Celeb bookings made simple

We create unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that are unforgettable for our customers. We work with corporations looking to have their messages retained or reward key clients with a private concert performance.

A great place to start is getting buzz before an event so your audience knows it’s happening. This can be done through online ads or other social media promotions, such as Instagram or Facebook ads.

One of the most important aspects of hiring a celebrity level performer for a non-profit event is that the artist will usually agree to let your organization advertise and promote the celebrity appearance.

Social media provides excellent coverage for events like yours, as well as a tremendous amount of exposure. You can create a campaign to get your message out before and during your event.

What to Consider Before Your Event

Here are a few factors to consider when hiring a celebrity for your organisations event entertainment

Celebrity Appeal to your Attendees and Guests
Talent Budget, Production Budget, Travel Budget
Location or Venue for your Event and Stage Size
Need for a VIP Meet & Greet with the Celebrity

Choosing a Musical Act, Comedian or Celebrity Keynote Speaker.


A performance by a great music artist will definitely impress.

Public performances like this are extremely unique because although the guest can purchase a ticket when the artist is touring in their area, many musicians that are not on tour will perform for your organization.

Seeing a musical act in a large venue or stadium doesn’t compare to the intimacy of experiencing a musical act in the private hotel ballroom that your organization has chosen for this event.


– Comedy shows are fun.  If the idea is to create a fun event for the convention-ending gala or to keep the costs down by hiring a comedian that will have much lower production costs than a musical act, the right comedian can be a huge hit. We have had lots of success with pairing comedians with non-profit causes.


A celebrity-level speaker can be an effective way to generate buzz for your organization.

Celebrities are generally very expensive, but we have access to them all and can tell you if your ideal celebrity speaker is achievable.

We’re happy to make suggestions that may help organize your thoughts and give you direction, but you have to decide what to do for yourself.


Tips, advice, and how to avoid costly mistakes. Stay on budget and utilize all celebrity opportunities at your event. There is a lot to consider. We wanted to give you this quick look at a few of the many variables and things to consider when planning a celebrity performance at your corporate event, non-profit event, or private performance. We are always positioned as your advocate throughout the entire process. Always look out for your interests and concerns to create a successful celebrity event.


We are passionate about providing professional and expert entertainment solutions for any individual or company hosting an event.  Getting celebrities to attend or perform at your event can be difficult due to a number of reasons. Big Talk Entertainment has been a prominent force within the entertainment industry for over 20 years. We know exactly how to book and secure the celebrity or performing artist that you may require for your corporate event or private party.

Having a celebrity, musical artist or comedian perform “in-concert” or having a celebrity level keynote speaker at your event will accomplish these goals quickly and with maximum impact..

We ensure a hassle-free process that takes the worry out of your hands and allows for you to relax in knowing that your guest or celebrity entertainment is certain to arrive and perform according to brief

We work with a diverse range of clients. From private individuals looking to host a small intimate event to massive corporate and charity events, we have the experience and in-depth knowledge required to facilitate your entertainment requirements. Our massive list of celebrity entertainers can be found here under our categories section for further insight into all the artists and celebrity acts included in our portfolio.

Be certain to check out our featured acts for our pick of the top entertainment and trending artists and performers in the industry

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