Hiring Live Entertainment for your event: Top Advice

When it comes to hiring live entertainment for your private or corporate event then you can

be sure that our advice can be relied upon due to our numerous years and vast experience within the
entertainment industry. Here are some top tips for ensuring that you end up with
entertainment that is perfectly suited for your event.

One of the first things to think about when hiring entertainment is the type of entertainment
that will be most suitable for your event. If it’s a corporate event, then perhaps something
more formal like a classical string quartet would be appropriate, whereas, for a private party,
something more fun and upbeat like a DJ might be better. It’s also worth considering the size
of your event when choosing entertainment – for smaller events, a solo musician or
comedian might be more suitable, whereas for larger events you might need to hire a band.

Consider a professional entertainment company if the event is important as this will ensure that you receive proper event entertainment consulting. This is exactly the part where Big Talk Entertainment steps in and
can be of great assistance.

Getting the entertainment correct or “spot-on” for your function or event is quite a tricky affair
and it’s often a part of the event setup that the organizers get wrong. Big Talk
Entertainment works with top event management companies and has been responsible for
facilitating some of the biggest and best entertainment for world-class events throughout
Africa. We have been in the industry for over 20 years.  Event entertainment is
what we do best. is exactly the reason why you should connect with us if you are hosting,

Top tips when hiring Live Entertainment

1) Always make use of a highly reputable entertainment agency. Do your homework here
and check which brands and events the entertainment company has been responsible
for over the past few years. How long has the company been in business? What is their
website like? Are they easy to contact, friendly, and able to offer expert advice?

2) Work closely with the entertainment company to choose entertainment that is appropriate
for your event. Consider the size of your event, the type of entertainment you are looking for,
and any other particular requirements or considerations such as specific music tastes or
types of entertainment you would like to avoid.

3) Remember that entertainment can make or break an event – it’s important to get
entertainment right, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice and guidance from the entertainment

4) As well as hiring entertainment for your event, it’s a good idea to also look into other ways
you can add entertainment value. This might include things like hiring an event photographer
or videographer, creating fun photo booths or entertainment areas at your event, or even
planning fun entertainment-related activities for guests to enjoy.

5) Make sure you book entertainment well in advance of your event date. Good
entertainment is often booked up well in advance, so it’s important to plan ahead to avoid

6) Be prepared to pay a little extra for top-quality entertainment. While it’s important to stay
within your budget, remember that entertainment can make or break an event, so it’s worth
investing in good-quality entertainment.

7) Ask the entertainment agency you are working with for advice on things like stage setups,
sound and lighting requirements, and any other technical considerations. They will be able to
advise you on what is required to ensure your entertainment runs smoothly.

8) Make sure you brief the entertainment you have hired thoroughly before your event.
Provide them with a run-down of timings, expectations, and any other relevant information
they will need to know. This will normally fall into the realm of the entertainment agency

9) Be prepared to be flexible on things like start times and running orders. When it comes to
live entertainment you need to build flexibility into the proceedings of your event. Be sure to
factor in that certain artists’ performances may take a bit longer and unforeseen factors
could affect the time schedule. Build a flexible schedule and this will allow for some
breathing room.

10) Relax and enjoy the night. With a reputable company such as Big Talk Entertainment
handling your event’s entertainment, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands. As
responsible and passionate entertainment organizers we take the hassle out of the entire
process and create a seamless experience.

As can be seen above there are several tips that can be utilized when it comes down to
hiring live entertainment for your event. In South Africa getting entertainment correct for your
function can sometimes be difficult. As a
a reliable source of world-class entertainment, we offer entertainment in the following
categories just to name a few


So if you are looking for world-class entertainment and expert consultation and advice then
get in touch with us today and we will help you to get the best
entertainment possible for your event.

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