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South Africa’s hottest afro pop sensation has an innovative name and 12 infectious tracks on a debut album, Ready To Fly, that’s taking NNE-VIDA from 2010’s POPSTAR-winners to 2011 chart-toppers in their own right and with their 6 piece band they are bound to get you moving and grooving.

The group’s name is a mantra and a commitment to one-another, and more importantly, to their fans. “Nne” is taken from the Swahili meaning “4” – representing the members and symbolising the word “For”, while “Vida” has its origins in Europe meaning “Life”.

Regular etv viewers already have a rather committed relationship withOscar Toorn, Zinhle Dube, Lyle Anthony Volkwyn and Lihle Ngongoma. After all it was on the free-to-air channel that audiences got to follow NNE-VIDA on their rocky road to winning the much-converted POPSTARS 2010 competition title last October. Since then these four hugely gifted performers have set their sights on delivering an album that’s destined to become one of the years most popular.

Four months committed to writing and recording with some of the biggest names in music has realised Ready To Fly, NNE-VIDA’s first 12-track “thank-you” to a growing number of fans who, initially, supported with their hearts and have since been rewarded with an album that includes some of best producers around. From Pete “Boxsta” Martin, Mzwandile Bala, Dennis East and Bryce Anderson – each played a critical role in shaping the sound that now runs their full gamut of pop possibility held within Ready To Fly. The album was released on Monday, 31 January 2010, and is now catapulting the young talents straight up the charts and into the hearts of contemporary pop lovers everywhere.

The album’s first single “Back-Up” is currently on high rotation on radio everywhere and as the group tour around the county this and the title track are the first two singles fans shout for before tucking into the likes of “When You Miss Me” – a power ballad written by the legendary Diane Warren. “The support we enjoyed during the competition was amazing and now that we have a song on radio and an album in stores it’s become our calling card,” Oscar says. It’s our way of repaying the huge debt of gratitude we have for everyone who rooted for us, right from the very start.”

For those shimming up to NNE-VIDA for the very first time, what awaits the curious is four committed and hugely professional singers, songwriters and gifted dancers – all singing off the same, very powerful and equally addictive hymn sheet.

NNE-VIDA aims to not only dominate the South African music scene; they have aspirations to take the music to the world, especially into the rest of Africa. For Zihnle, winning POPSTARS was a real feat. “It’s a great feeling, she says. “To tell you the truth, it hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m still trying to work through it in my head. I think WOW, I’m a POPSTAR! I always said that one day people will hear my voice and I’m so happy that my time has finally come.”

The judges voted and a landslide victory followed. Now it’s NNE-VIDA’s time to shine, something confirmed by POPSTARS executive producer Keith Lindsay. “South Africa has grown up. This past year saw POPSTARS hopefuls more confident, more willing and more talented than we have ever seen before. NNE-VIDA is all that and more!”

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