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Genre: Funk/Rock/Hip hop

In November 2004, a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Voodoo Child was born into the world. Four years into its infancy, the most valuable lesson that this Johannesburg-based five-piece band has learnt is patience. Firmly believing the maxim that good things take time, they have carefully paved their way along the notoriously rocky road that is the music industry. Live venues around Gauteng have borne testament to the growth of the Voodoo Phunk, grounded firmly in their energetic performances on any stage. Through a combination of design and default, the band has cooked their sound up in a melting pot of funky bass-lines and rock guitars laced with catchy piano lines sprinkled over soulful, hip-hop-inspired vocals.

The result is often met with confusion, but even the most hardened sceptics find themselves unwittingly drawn into a tapping of the foot or a shaking of the proverbial booty by Voodoo Child’s “get-up-and-dance” tunes. This steady conversion of followers around the country has given the outfit the honour of being invited to some of South Africa’s premier music festivals, most notably Woodstock, Oppikoppi and Splashy Fen. A career highlight was the inclusion of Voodoo Child as the opening act for the legendary British Supergroup, Jethro Tull, during their 2007 South African tour.

Not content to rest of their laurels, and buoyed by an inherent need for growth, the guys have made the recording studio a second home in recent times, reaching heights with a Number One single “Come Together” a funky remake of the Beatles Classic. The hit single was one of a number of stand-out tracks from the EP “Good Times are Killing Me”. Keen to build on these early steps, Voodoo Child is currently hard at work on their first full-length album. The project, which is slated for a March 2009 release, is being recorded at Pop Planet by the multi-award winning producer, Marius Brouwer. Good times surely lie ahead for the ever-maturing Voodoo Child.

Band Members:

Lebo Mochudi – Vocals
Alan Hayward - Keyboards
Brendon Gold – Guitars
Andrea “Fuzz” Reitz – Bass Guitar

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