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Sans of Time have been around for nearly a decade and have evolved into a holistic and complete trio that fits perfectly for any Corporate Function, Gala Dinner, Product Launch, Wedding, Fund-Raiser, Special Birthday Bash or whatever occasion you have planned and have a need to celebrate with this Versatile Band. The Band boasts a strong vocal display of music featuring a live keyboard and a vast array of sequenced music covering virtually every genre of music. It is rare that one encounters Professionalism, Talent and Affordability in the music industry today – here is a fresh, reliable and guaranteed option when it comes to Bands for Hire. This Cape Town based cover band has had constant success in turning serious corporate functions into real parties all over the world. The Party Band of Note, as they are commonly referred too, will mesmerize during dinner and get you dancing seconds after dessert! What sells it completely is the fact that they are easy to work with and absolute Value for Money. Their Versatility expands from early evening ballads to frantic party music covering the entire music spectrum from the 50’s and 60’s until modern day hits


sans alrick

As the leader of this band, Alrick comes with vast experience both on and off the stage. His rapport with people from all walks of life, whether it is business or pleasure, has allowed this talented singer to open doors for this outfit both Nationally and Internationally.
His haunting voice and devilish stage personality will have you eating out of his hands within minutes. Alrick has negotiated, infiltrated and entertained crowds of diverse people and created truly memorable occasions over many years. He has the ability to hold a crowd in the palm of his hand and rock them into the early hours of the morning.

He is also renowned for his Master of Ceremonies skills and has often been referred to “James Bond with a Mic”. Originally from a Baptist gospel music background, with a strong flair for Ballads, Jazz and Pop music, his diverse repertoire of songs will include his influences which are Cliff Richard, Richard Marx, Al Jarreau, George Benson, Luther Vandros, Josh Groban, Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, George Michael, Will Young, Elton John, Sting, Ne-yo, Michael Franks, The Commitments, Tom Jones, Maroon 5, Mighty Motown sounds and many, many more.

Marysa - Female Vocals

sans marysa

Marysa has played the Cape Jazz scene for four years before embarking on a stint in Dubai for one year. She rejoined Sans of Time in 2003 and has added her much needed refreshing voice to a recipe that is now truly world class. She puts the sugar into soul and the juice into jazz with her vivacious moves and brilliant stage act.
Her recent international experience (London and Zambia) has added a dimension of very specific vocal spice that is appreciated and admired by all.
Marysa has an amazingly musical ear that adds harmony to virtually any note. A sensual and classy act that performs with sincerity and soul. A beautiful woman that is adored by all crowds and evokes emotion amongst all who witness her smooth, soulful performances. In local circles, she is known as a vocal gymnast and often out-sings the original artists with her fabulous vocal range. This bright singing sensation is on the rise and is ready for an elaborate career in an industry that is fortunate to have her.

Her influences are Anastasia, Diana Krall, Abba, Duffy, Leona Lewis, Amy Whinehouse, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Lisa Stansfield, Tina Turner, Micheal Buble, Diana Ross and many more.

Mark - Keyboards

sans mark

It is truly an honour for us to have a musician of this quality to have joined our ranks Mark is the newest member of our band and his expensive taste in sound quality, jazzy feel and clarity of touch on an instrument he loves and cherishes, combined with his strong technical background, has given him the right to be one of the finest keyboard players around. An unprecedented love and deep passion for all types of music has given him the freedom to explore any kind of song. This is the core value of the diversity required for this outfit to operate within National and International markets.
He started in the music world as a young boy and has played the Jazz and Pop circuits throughout South Africa. Whilst other teenagers were out partying, Mark was discovering the love of his life – The Keyboard. His Keyboard solos are prolific and his touch is gentle and precise. 

His influences include a vast array of jazz and R&B musicians including George Benson, Quicy Jones, Wind and Fire and many, many more. 


sans stigue

Stigue’s passion for music started at an early age. His father, Vincent P Nel (Jazz Vocalist), being his greatest influence. Diversity in music was always a big part of Stigue’s formative years – from Jazz (his father), “Kaapse Klopse” (his uncle and godfather) and old “crooner” music (the grandmothers).
Stigue’s education started at SACS. This is where he learned to play the trumpet, in Grade 5. 
In 2000 he passed Grade 5 Music Theory Royal Schools exam with Distinction and already showed much promise in harmony and counterpoint. In 2003 he passed his Grade 8 Trumpet Royal Schools exam and was selected to play in the South African National Youth Schools Jazz Band where he received Full Colours and represented his country. 
He decided to further his education in music when he was accepted to study at UCT South African College of Music (2004). He enjoyed playing in ensembles and started playing for the UCT Jazz Big Band and UCT Symphony Orchestra, as well as other commercial bands, viz. Glen Robertson Jazz Band, Captain Stu, and started his own experimental band, Wednesdays Child. 

Stigue graduated from UCT in 2007 majoring in Composition and arrangement with a Distinction for his composition subject. Stigue intends on furthering his studies wishing to write an Opera, which he would like to submit for a Master’s Degree in Composition and Dissertation.

Joel Benjamin

sans joel

Joel is a 40 yr old ex Navy band saxophonist, currently with SA Army band.
He has played with dance bands, Jonny Cooper big band, various jazz and pop bands for many years. He is also a highly sought after solo saxophonist performing to backing tracks for more intimate functions.

Joel has played with Sans of Time as for the past 3 year and has been a professional musician for 14 years.





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