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5 levels Up is a flamboyant fusion super band which was formed in November 2010 by Founder member Rudi Abrahams under the guidance of leading South African musicians. Members were recruited, rehearsals were scheduled and the band took stage in no time, wowing the multicultural audiences of South Africa. We showcase some of the best unknown talent in Cape Town with ages ranging from 20 to 30. In 2010 we were invited to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival where we shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the SA music
industry. We thrive on entertaining the crowd and put our all in every performance. Later in 2012 we were invited to be the headline act at the Bloemhof Disaster Music Festival to raise funds for a storm stricken area in the Free State, South Africa.

Notable Performances

Zula Bar Cape Town
Grahamstown National Arts festival
Mercury Live
Azura Hotel and Restaurant ( 4 Star )    
Fuzzbox Killarney Racecourse
Polaner Brauhaus V&A Waterfront
O ’ Driscolls Irish Pub and Grill
Trinity Super Club

Resident Band since November 2010
8 performances over a period of 9 days
Performances between January and August 2011
February 2011 ( 1 month Contract )
March 2011 ( A music showcase once per month )
New Years eve 2011/2012 ( 6 hour performance )
St Patricks Day celebrations 2012
September 2011 to November 2011

Along with these performances, 5 Levels up have also performed at numerous wedding celebrations and private special occasions.

Meet the team

5 levels Up 02

Meliza – Jade Arendse — Lead Vocals

“ The First Lady ”

“ Meliza leads the pack with a command over her voice , her stage and her audience. A strong personality, a solid voice a good leader. ”

Meliza is a competent performer with an explosive vocal range, who can have the crowd eating out of her hand at any given time. She has been with the band since its inception Her musical journey began at the age11 . She has been a soloist in various choirs until she decided to broaden her horizons and became the 5 Levels Up front lady.

5 levels Up 03

Carla Liedemann — Backing Vocals

“ The Daily Planner ”

“ A gentle yet stern spirit, who plays the supportive role on and off the stage. Carla organizes, arranges and communicates the finer details of the bands logistics. A hard worker, a hard singer but a soft hearted person. ”

Raised in a family of classical musicians, Carla has been singing in school and church choirs from the age of 9, developing a strong love for music hence became the school soloist In primary school and was awarded the Music Cup in her matric year. Carla also featured in an album entitled “ Q uintessential ” as a vocalist and is currently the backing vocalist for the band 5 Levels Up.

5 levels Up 04

Sergio Gino Trout — Keyboards

“ The Mad Scientist”

“ A Joyous soul with an obsession for sonics and synthesis, Sergio ’ s explosive stage performance and technical mastery of his instrument leaves jaws dropping at every performance. Each performance is an experiment for which he craves positive results. ”

Sergio is a prominent pianist and producer. He has a diploma in sound engineering from City Varsity. He studied music at the Cape Music Institute. He performed alongside other great South African performers like Camillo Lombard, Byron Clark and Mainswitch. An endless source of creativity and a real asset to the band.

 5 levels Up 05  

Wesley Dwyer — Synthesizer

“ The Cornerstone ”

“ A gentle giant with an aggressive talent, Wesley takes his performance seriously to produce music of the highest standard. His music holds the band together, his character keeps them together! ”

A classically trained pianist with strict discipline, Wesley started laying piano from a young age he has a quiet but sunny disposition. Wesley is also actively involved in various church music ministries. He has been with 5 Levels Up since its inception and has been instrumental in the day to day running of the band.

 5 levels Up 06  

Rudi Abrahams — Bass

“ The Mastermind ”

“ The genius behind 5 Levels Up and their success. Rudi holds the groove onstage and off, dealing with the business of the band coupled with the task of keeping the audiences feet tapping. "

Rudi was raised in a Gospel background which gave him access to learn and a platform to exercise his music. He played bass for a hip hop band called Stereotypes for 3 years and then decided to start the band 5 Levels Up with Mark the drummer.

 5 levels Up 08  

Mark Samuels — Drums

“ The Professional ”

“ Always punctual, precise, poised and practical! Mark injects professionalism into the brand that is 5 levels up making sure their professionalism onstage is of a similar standard to their professionalism off stage. A reasonable perfectionist! ”

Mark started drumming at a young age playing in his father's gospel band. He has years of experience playing as a session drummer for various bands. Mark has a serious affinity for making noise so being a drummer suits him just fine.

 5 levels Up 09  

Paul Papenfus — Guitar

“ The Joker ”

“ Every pack has one and Paul completes the package, bringing humour and joy which inspires the band. He possesses a natural ability to bring joy and a tendency to play “ cheeky guitar phrases ”, he rounds off the band really well. ”

Paul's musical journey started with classical guitar training at age 13. He progressed to Grade 7 of the Royal Schools of Music and then decided to take up the acoustic and electric guitars. He has been passionate about both instruments ever since.

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