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C R Y S T A L  W I N G S

Moon, dance, lights... even from its title this performance plays with three elements: in fact the dancers inspired by these elements create forms straddling cosmic landscapes and fairy tales sceneries.
Often the audience is not certain of what each dancer or costume represents. The voluminous skirts look like flowers or sea sponges; the large fluctuating wings first are stars and then turn into whirling lunar butterflies. 
Crystal Wings is at once a poetic and futuristic image.
Performance for soloist and/or dancActor group/stilt acrobats

Light Performance

Crystal Wings

Drum Machine



We have access to the finest P.A. systems for your next function. Some of the best “gear” available - at a fair cost to you and your clients.

We understand that good quality sound, can make or break an event….so through our years of experience, we have sourced uncomplicated, good quality equipment supplied and controlled by equally experienced technicians and crew.

From bands to conferences, shows to presentations - we have handled all forms of events. Each one taken as seriously as the next. Because each venue is different, we have collected a wide selection – so can cater for each of these unique occasions.


The finest mics. on offer. We prefer the SHURE SM 58 cordless, or the basic range of corded mics. Combined with the all the obvious effects (reverb, delay etc.)


A good quality console - is equally as important, to the quality of the sound, as the P.A. that is used. We “drive” our P.A. systems with the best: from our Mackie desk, Allen & Heath or Yamaha - all your channels are covered.


We cater for all “backline” requirements your entertainers might require. All bands have a very specific “tech rider” – and can often be the cause of great anxiety and confusion for you. We take away that stress and supply all the “bells and whistles”…for a fully covered, professional transition from paper to stage.


Lighting has become an important part of any event. Simply adding a few “states” can instantly transform a room.

We have a wide selection, of all the latest equipment, that can make your event memorable….painting the perfect picture with our par-cans, intelligents, spots and washers.

Not only do we have the best hardware to display the “magic” - but also have the best crew and lighting desks to run them….creating an unforgettable backdrop.

From lighting the stage to illuminating the room we can take care of your whole function. Our lighting hardware is exciting .

The latest L.E.D. lighting to give “life” to any room. Our par cans are the perfect blend for any décor you might have. Matching your companies’ colours and then illuminating the stage to create array of tint and shade.

Giving “movement” to your event, our intelligents can be programmed to display that “beam of light” effect you’ll be looking for. Professional, artistic and impactful – our intelligents have that “wow” factor.

To enhance our “canvas”, we have all the necessary extras to add to your evening. From Smoke Machines to Mirror Balls, D.J. lighting to Follow Spots – we cater to your every need.


Our Lasers are the authority for Laser productions in South Africa. For your event, will be utilizing these exciting and state of the art tools for a spectacular opening and mesmerizing additions for your full event.

As your guests enter the room, they will be greeted to a Laser “Vortex Tunnel”. It’s a truly magical performance.

A laser box sends out a circular frame which envelopes the room (with a state of the art hazer machine to bring the effect to life). At the same time it shoots out beams of light creating the most incredible futuristic effects.

Once the laser gear is revealed …it will be used at various sections in our evening, as the need arises.

This show stopping act includes a technician for your evening, who will create effects, specific to the occasion. We will run dramatic, anthem type music to enhance the spectacle….or even display your company logo with this unique and awe inspiring technique.

In an addition to the set pieces we have an offer – we can also create and propose a variety of additional effects.

Our performer wears our “Laser Gloves” – creating the effect of beams of light coming out of their fingers. An amazing effect as our artist dictates where the laser goes…bringing an organic effect to a digital production.

Our lasers can not only be used as an enhancement to the evening but can also be a thrilling show on their own. Performed to dramatic and inspirational music …our technician can create a show stopping 6 minute production – a “wow” for any occasion.

We have also gathered additional “tricks” – that simply bring an act to life. So while a musician is performing their instrument of choice: Saxophone, Violin or even guitar. We attach our high level laser pointers to the ends of the bow or neck. The perfect blend of old with the new.

Lira Act


An interesting, eye-catching addition to any cocktail party, brand activation or launch, Reactagirl will have your guests entertained while mingling at the venue!


The one and only Reactable DJ on the continent!

Reactagirl uses glass cubes and pucks to mix tracks, sync Loops and drop samples when performing live on this unique multitouch table.

Brand your Reactable

While music is being created, any logo or image can be displayed and rotated on the tabletop.

Even a product can be programmed to drop the beat when placed on the Reactable.

Take a look at what the Reactable is capable of…

Reactable DJ
Silk Act

Special Welcome - Contemporary oracle

ParolaBianca is a silent performance clothed in mystery, moving in a rare dance, which is at once music and harmony. Besides the lunar candor of her costume she is wrapped in the stupor of the onlookers, who see her exactly as she appears: in the unworldly light of a fairy tale character. ParolaBianca hands out tiny messages of wisdom, values and aphorism to encourage whoever wises to walk the path of a peaceful life and to underline the beauty of existence and creativity. Under the good spell of her silence, at once inviolable and sweet, both adults and children rediscover the spontaneity of a smile. 
In 2006 her messages where collected and published in the book “Sereno Invariabile” (Clear, no clouds) L'immagine Publisher, established by Italian director and poet Silvano Agosti.


Special Welcome


Strength Adage

Craig and Micheline are one of the world’s most successful strength/adage performers. They are the world professional and reining champs in this amazing genre – performing all over the globe.

Their act will be one that your guests will be talking about for years to come:

Incredible bodies, pure agility and movement that will leave everyone in complete disbelief.


From a “raw” display of strength and culminating into the more sensual style of Spanish strength adage.


Craig and Micheline are quite simply...…amazing, the “wow” for any event. 



Strength Adage/Act

The Cellosphere

The ‘Bubble’ or ‘Sphere’ presents the performer in a magical context creating an unbeatable WOW factor. This enthralling concept has become a sensation at events worldwide.

So innovative!’ Jan Malan, Jan Malan Umzingeli

‘Looks incredible! Well done!’ Angela Harpur, Strait Up Events

‘Love it!’ Lars Schwinges, Top Billing

‘Amazing and brilliant’ Carla Mayo, CM Events

Featured at:

15 On Orange Bayer Event (16 Jan 2012, 1 Dec 2011)

Dimension Data Fancourt Pro Am Event (18 Feb 2012)

Gallagher Estate, Toyota Awards Ceremony (24 Feb 2012)

Herschel Matric Dance (1 March 2012)

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (5 events across SA – Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria)

Investec Event, Gallagher Estate (April 2012)

The Cellosphere


Zero Gravity


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