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Arthur Goldstuck

Arthur Goldstuck brings you up to date and beyond on the technology trends that are shaping business strategy, consumer use of technology, and the social landscape of the future.
Arthur Goldstuck is an award-winning writer, analyst and commentator on Internet, mobile and business and consumer technologies. He heads the World Wide Worx research organisation, leading groundbreaking research into how change is affecting businesses large and small. Clients of the research include South Africa’s major financial institutions and corporations, Government departments and agencies, and international organisations.
Arthur Goldstuck is author of 17 books, including South Africa’s best-selling IT book yet, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet", and the new guide to mobilising the workplace, “The Mobile Office”. Through Penguin Books, he has also published five books on urban legends. 
For his work in uncovering technology trends, Arthur Goldstuck was a finalist in the science and technology category of the Men’s Health Man of the Year awards in 2009. Arthur Goldstuck is a regular speaker at conferences, universities and corporate events and has presented his insights to audiences across the world.
Arthur Goldstuck lectures and provides expert presentations, seminars and workshops which cover the past, present and future impact of technology, the Internet and the new telecommunications landscape on business, management strategy, media and entertainment.

Popular talks include:

The New Internet Revolution - 7 lessons (the talk is adapted for specific industries or audiences)
How the Internet will change your life in the next ten years
South Africa 2018 – after the communications revolution
Broadcasting digital migration - what it means, what it promises and where it will stall
Convergence and what it really means
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the New Mobile Consumer
The mobile corporation
The mobile office of tomorrow
Africa’s mobile past, present and future
The blueprint for small business success
How to serve the SME
The success factors for highly competitive SMEs
The new mobile consumer: understanding the users and their usage
The mobile Internet: how it will change your world
Arthur Goldstuck


Bonnie Henna was born in Soweto, South Africa. Attended Belgravia Convent and then Greenside High School in Johannesburg. 
The eldest of three children, she was discovered at a bus stop on her way home from school by an actor's agent who cast her in her first job on a television series titled Viva Families. It was 1992 and Henna was just thirteen.
This was followed with cameo roles in the international productions Born Free 2 and Cave Girls. 
Henna went on to present various magazine programs for television including Teleschool, Zapmag, Technics Heart of the Beat and Limits Unlimited.
In 2001, she landed a lead role in the hit television soap Backstage aimed at the South African youth. She was later cast in the role of Portia, an AIDS victim, in the series Gazlam. This was followed by a role in the detective series, Zero Tolerance.
Over the past few years, she has hosted a talk show in South Africa on SABC 1 entitled True-Life, won a role in the mini-series Homecoming, and appeared in two Canadian television series, Charlie Jade, a sci-fi epic and Scouts Safari - an adventure series set in the African wild. She also completed a major role on Home Affairs for Penguin Films, a popular thirteen part series that interlinked the lives of five very different women. Her most recent television series are Soul City and Hillside in which she played the lead on both, for Sabc 1 and Sabc 2. She was then cast in ground breaking series, The Philanthropist for NBC (later also on Sabc 3) – a prime time American Action drama TV series.  
In film, she has played the role of singer Dolly Radebe, in Drum, the lead role in the Danish film, Blinded Angels, directed by the acclaimed Jon Bang Carlsen and, starred opposite Tim Robbins and Derek Luke in the Phillip Noyce Universal Pictures blockbuster, Catch a Fire. 
Most recently she plays Zindzi Mandela in Clint Eastwood’s rugby picture, Invictus about Nelson Mandela, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.
Bonnie Henna is more than just a house hold name in South Africa,she was the child- star that won the hearts of South Africans and continues to blaze the torch as an inspiring role model for young professionals, her influence spans across our shores and has been  said to have a talent reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn by the New York Times. Well travelled and extremely well-spoken, Bonnie carries herself with a classic elegance that cannot go unnoticed. She has and continues to grace the covers of our glossiest magazines and is featured on our most current and popular radio and Television shows .This multitalented performer is also skilled in MC work for high profile events and her sultry, sophisticated  voice makes her a favoured voice-over artist. Henna is undoubtedly amongst the most beautiful, experienced and loved South African stars and is  preceded by a solid and professional reputation in the entertainment industry .Recently , Henna has been seen on  Mnet’s popular  Television show ,Survivor Maldives-“Celebs vs Plebs”. On survivor, this international film star ,  was seen as the nurturing type ,who is mentally ,spiritually and physically strong with a positive outlook. 
Bonnie can currently be seen on Etv’s Rhythm City in a recurring role ,playing the intriguing ,powerful and sometimes crazy Nozipho.
Community and social development is a theme that remains very close to Bonnie’s heart ,her work with abandoned children and orphanages has been influential in her adopting a baby and becoming spokesperson for Adoption Voice S.A
Very recently ,Bonnie has added “published Author  to her list of accomplishments ,an Autobiography titled Eyebags and Dimples hits the shelves of all major bookstores nationwide.
Bonnie Henna
Chantel Ilbury

Conrad Koch


“Ventriloquist”. Who said that? Conrad Koch, most likely. Conrad, for those not familiar with his work, is reinventing the art and serving it up in his utterly unique, wacky, and madly funny way. 

As the only ventriloquist currently working South Africa’s Comedy, MC, and Corporate training/facilitation circuits he is something of an exception.

Humour in business raises: employee morale, improves job satisfaction, customer service, motivation & creativity. 

Conrad Koch assists business in creating tools, games and strategies to make sure they (& their Clients) keep on smiling.
Most importantly these are not short-lived laughter experiences.

Conrads processes have been designed to help participants to see humour as a cultural weapon for combating stress (& bad hairdo’s)

You to can make laughter part of your company ethos.

Conrad has an honours degree in anthropology with a master’s degree in psychology, with a special focus on communications. 

This psychological and humanities bent gives Conrad a poignant and honed insight into the zany characters he creates on stage and those in the audience.

In the shows, Conrad’s many characters play on his and the audience’s psyche in an extremely entertaining, and often thought provoking comic encounter. 

His puppets have been handcrafted by South Africa’s leading special effects designers, and with his comic and ventriloquial abilities make for one of South Africa’s most exciting corporate acts. 

Conrad’s shows can last anything from five minutes to five-hour interactive workshops, depending on the client’s needs. The show is clean and geared towards a thinking adult audience, 

and can be adapted or even rewritten for the situation – Conrad can literally make anything talk.

Conrad has worked in the USA, UK, Australia, and in SA 

“Taking ventriloquism beyond anything in the UK or America” SUNDAY TIMES, London

“Brilliantly executed” THE ARGUS, Cape Town

“Delightfully surprising” THE SA TIMES, UK

“Hilarious” Mail & Guardian

“Brings the roof down” THE INDEPENDENT, London

“The best…actually the only ventriloquist in South Africa” Alex Jay

“You’ll be needing two Mic’s?” Sound Technician

“Sharp, able to assess his audience correctly, elicits audience participation. Brilliant” ESKOM

Conrad Koch

Daniel Silke

Daniel Silke

Daniel Silke is an Independent Political Analyst and Keynote Speaker specialising in South African and International politics. He has a specialist interest in political parties and elections and is a renowned Futurist lecturing widely on issues surrounding globalization and the future of the world. 

Daniel Silke holds a Masters degree in International Politics from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Daniel Silke has served six years in publicly elected office between 1995 and 2001 having faced three elections. Daniel Silke has served four years as a Member of Parliament in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa after being re-elected in 1999. Daniel Silke has held the Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Economic Affairs, which includes the portfolios of Economic Development, Tourism, Agriculture and Transport. In addition, he served on the Committees of Finance, Health and Gambling and has been Chief Whip for his political party. He is also a former City Councillor in the City of Cape Town having served on that city’s Economic Development Portfolio Committee. Daniel Silke was attached to the Institute for the Study of Public Policy at the University of Cape Town where he tutored students for five years.

Daniel Silke contributes widely to publications both in South Africa and overseas. He currently writes for the Australian Quarterly published by the Australian Institute of Policy& Science in Sydney. He has been the foreign correspondent for the Juluka magazine based in Los Angeles, California for over 10 years. Daniel Silke has co-authored academic chapters in publications on South African politics and is often published in major newspapers and online. His press comments are regularly quoted in publications as far afield as Dubai, Jamaica and Pakistan. He is a regular guest commentator on both e-tv and the SABC and is often heard on Radio France International, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and many other leading broadcasting networks. 

Daniel Silke currently lectures widely throughout the world on contemporary South African and Global Issues. He recently completed a semester at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida where he participated in the Dialogues of Innovation lecture series. He was the Rooney Visiting Scholar at the Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Daniel Silke has enjoyed three seasons as guest speaker at the South Palm Beach lecture series in Florida, USA and has presented to the Financial Planners Association of Australia in Sydney.  He has lectured to the prestigious World Affairs Council in Washington DC and the American Committee on Foreign Relations. He has recently lectured for CISCO and Microsoft Corporation and has delivered presentations at Duke University (North Carolina), Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), Transylvania University (Kentucky), Washburn University (Kansas), the Philadelphia Bar Association and for Rotary International amongst many others. His local client list includes Standard Bank, FNB, Price Waterhouse, Deloittes and Alexander Forbes amongst many others. Daniel Silke is contracted by a number of major US travel companies (including Regent, Cunard, Silversea and Holland America) to provide lecture and seminar series 

South African Keynotes

The latest interpretation & analysis of the South African political, economic and social environment as the country settles into the era of Jacob Zuma.

1. Zuma Into the Future: The Road Ahead. Most Requested SA Keynote & Fully Updated!

In his flagship keynote, Independent Political Analyst, Daniel Silke, takes a balanced and comprehensive look at Jacob Zuma’s South Africa. In this fascinating and current presentation, Silke will discuss the quality of democracy in the country, the role and cohesiveness of the ANC alliance, the future independence of state institutions and policy options in addressing pressing economic, social and foreign policy needs. Silke will also focus on the nature and character of Zuma’s leadership style. In addition, the talk analyses the composition of the Cabinet and prospects for its successful functioning. Finally, the presentation identifies 6 core political trends that are set to change the face of politics, leadership and governmental performance in the years to come. A cutting-edge keynote for any audience concerned about the future of South Africa under Jacob Zuma. This is one presentation on the future of South Africa you will not want to miss!

“A brilliant topic and the crowd loved you!” - Alisea Ann Chetty, Communication Manager, Momentum Financial Services Centurion, September 2009.

2. The State of the Nation: Critical Issues Facing South Africa Now & in the Future. Revised & Updated!

Where is South Africa going in the future? Challenge your conference with a future-oriented and broad-ranging lecture offering an independent analysis of the major political, social and economic problems and trends facing the country. This may include (inter-alia) the state of the economy, social challenges, labour & skills shortages, prospects for foreign investment, infrastructure development, regional & foreign policy, the role of the state, the quality of our democracy, race, unemployment and the complexities of the political debate going forward.  The lecture may also focus on the future of the ANC, leadership issues and the role of opposition in society. It may also be tailored to a broader and more focused Economic (or Political) analysis if needed. This is the Real Deal and provides a thought-provoking, honest and challenging new overview of contemporary South African problems and challenges. – warts and all!

3. After the Final Whistle: Politics & Policy in a Future South Africa. Updated & Topical!

Take your conference beyond the FIFA World Cup!

Yes, the World Cup will bring great benefits to South Africa. But, are the advantages sustainable and what will the country be like once the players and visitors have left our shores? Can the Zuma administration expand our democracy and really provide for the poor – and middle classes? Will the ANC continue to rule or will its power-base slowly decline? And, what is SA’s place within changing global context amidst a world-wide recession and the emergence of new political and economic powers? The answer to these questions and more can be found in Daniel Silke’s provocative and predictive new South African keynote. Not to be missed!

4. South Africa in a Globalizing World: The International Landscape & its Effect on SA. Updated!

Do you know how South Africa ranks in the world? Are we competitive when compared with other nations? How desirable are we as a destination for outsourcing and as a location for off-shore services? Just how much are we part of a Globalizing world and how free are we – economically? What are the prospects for a growing China & India on our economy? These key questions will be addressed by Independent Political Analyst & Keynote Speaker, Daniel Silke, in his latest presentation. By assessing the data from 4 major international surveys of South Africa, Silke will uncover the true status of the country in the global context. He will look at the advantages and disadvantages that the country enjoys and will offer a checklist of areas where improvements are vital if we are to move up the international rankings. If you would like to know where South Africa fits in – and who our major competitors are in the global game to secure business and investment, then this dynamic new presentation is for you!

5. This is the New South Africa: The Saga of Transformation & Quest for Stable Democracy. Exclusively Designed for Foreign Audiences!

A broad introduction to South Africa and how the country is governed. A general overview of the story of the new South Africa from the dark days of the past, through the Mandela years towards a new system of government and the unique transition to democracy. Ideal for in-bound, incentive, business and special-interest groups looking for a comprehensive scene-set or orientation. This entertaining and compelling presentation also covers the ‘political geography’ of the country and outlines languages, ethnic diversity and coping with change from a political and social perspective. Optimized for foreign audiences and designed as an opening keynote for international conferences in South Africa. 

International Keynotes

From Global Trends to the rise of China & India – these international Keynotes are fully illustrated and applicable world-wide and in SA.

6. Tracking the Future: The Top 10 Trends that will Transform the Globe over the Next 20 Years – and Longer! Most Requested Presentation!  

Do you know the future of the World? Get ready for a thrilling ride! As the world emerges from a dramatic financial crisis, key trends are emerging that will influence all our lives – for some time to come. Political Analyst & Futurist, Daniel Silke, presents a compelling and challenging new analysis of the top ten trends that will transform the world over the next two decades. Silke identifies 10 key areas of dramatic change that will affect all our lives – as individuals, in society or in the business environment. Some of these changes are already here – and many more are coming at a ferocious speed. Are you or your business ready to understand this and adapt? This Presentation will identify and explain these changes in an all-encompassing talk - fully illustrated and not to be missed. It is designed to inform and entertain – and no two lectures are ever the same. Nor will be your thought patterns after this one!

Trends Include: 

China & India: Chindia’s growing grip on global power

Capitalism in Question: Ethics in Business

  • The Changing  Face of Globalization
  • Who has Power? New Power-Players in the World
  • From G8 to G20:  The Decline of the USA?
  • Generation NET:  Technology,  Internet  & Youth Culture
  • Science & Health:  Converging & Changing Human-kind
  • People & the Planet: Climate Change & Scarce Natural Resources
  • The Changing Consumer Landscape: The End of Brand America?
  • Retaining Talent: The Role of Knowledge, Innovation & Infrastructure

7. Future Today: Tips, Trends & Predictions on the World of Tomorrow.  Fast & Fun!

It’s Fast, it’s Urban, it’s Tribal, it’s Universal, it’s Radical & it’s increasingly Ethical. It’s the FUTURE! Political Analyst and Futurist, Daniel Silke, mixes it up with a healthy dose of politics, economics, sociology, travel and consumerism in a brand-new presentation that is both enlightening and entertaining. Change is with us. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to turmoil in international finance, global relations are undergoing the most critical transformation since the end of World War Two. What are the key political, economic & social trends that are set to influence us over the next ten years? Can the US remain all-powerful or are there the new players lining up for the crown? Will technology change the way we think & express new values? Which are the regions of the world most likely to influence our way of life? Is business & capitalism changing its ethos and values as environmental & ethical questions take center-stage? The answer to these questions and more can be found in Daniel Silke’s provocative and predictive new International keynote. Not to be missed! 

8. The BRIC Future:  The Influence & Impact of Brazil, Russia, India & China (and Africa) on the World.  Brand New Insights & Analysis!

This is the Emerging Markets Century – and the countries to watch are the BRIC nations: Brazil, Russia, India & China. These four emerging super-powers are set to dominate global affairs. Their growing economies, population, skills and political clout make them all highly influential in almost every aspect of life. And Africa too, as a continent, holds out much promise as it also becomes a vital developing region and stakes its claim to recognition & investment. Delving into the fortunes of these nations Political Analyst and Futurist, Daniel Silke, identifies the key political, economic and demographic dynamics of these growing societies. And, he also identifies Africa as an important addition to this debate.  How these societies & regions interact and progress will change the future of finance, business & politics in the world. An essential introduction to these issues in an accessible & entertaining format.

9. Tracking Africa: Critical Issues Facing Africa in the Future.  New: Africa Focused!

Africa today might be regarded as the final frontier for investment. Languishing for too long under the effects of colonialization and corruption, the continent is fast emerging and is ready to take on the challenges of a globalizing world. In this new presentation, Political Analyst and Futurist, Daniel Silke, takes a look at some of the critical issues facing the continent into the future. This keynote will look at relations between Africa and the West; the growing influence of the Chinese on the continent; food production and the loss of arable land to foreign entities; the scarcity of skills; communication & technology, entrepreneurship as well as regional governance, co-operation and prospects for democracy. An essential guide to contemporary issues facing the African continent. 

10. The Dubai Dream: Can Dubai Return or is it Damaged Goods?  New: Topical & Timely!

For the last decade, Dubai’s model for economic development transformed a desert without oil into a global financial hub and one of the world’s most globalized cities. Gleaming skyscrapers, prestige projects and enormous shopping malls became synonymous with a city that knew no boundaries. In addition, the entire Gulf elevated its status and power across the world. Then, in late 2009, Dubai’s debt got the better of the Emirate. Falling confidence and questions about financial integrity sent waves of panic through investors in the region. In this groundbreaking new Keynote, Political Analyst and Futurist Daniel Silke, explores the ascent to power of the Emirate. Silke looks at the recent history of Dubai, its relationship with oil-rich Abu Dhabi and prospects for the future. He also covers the Gulf region in general and explains the crucial and strategic role it has in global affairs.  An insightful and timeous account of one of the most-talked about new economic models of our time.

And now for something completely different…

11. Life’s a Cruise! Living the Life of Luxury on a          Cruise Ship. The Light-hearted Travel Option!

Having spent the last 15 years developing and delivering lecture programs on-board luxury cruise ships all over the world, Keynote Speaker Daniel Silke, now presents an entertaining and engaging look at the world’s luxury cruise industry and his experiences in visiting more than 100 countries across the globe.

Life on board a cruise ship is the epitome of fantasy. Quantities of delicious food, outstanding service and exotic ports-of-call all combine to make cruising one of the fastest growing (and glamorous) sectors of the vacation and leisure industry worldwide. In this fully illustrated presentation, Daniel Silke will take his audience on a voyage of delight. He will cruise with you to the best buffet tables at sea; will introduce you to the most demanding passengers and their needs; expose the luxury cabins and suites only affordable to the super-rich and will offer a glimpse of some of the most exciting and unusual ports possible. This talk is a delight from start to finish. With his usual wry humor, Daniel Silke’s voyages around the world will not only bring a smile to your face, they will make you book your next ticket...or should that be voyage?! 

Daniel Silke

David Graham

Restoring hope and pride in people


Invite me to add value at your workshops, conferences, seminars, staff meetings, award ceremonies, special events and roadshows.
I can tweak my sessions to meet your needs with costs to suit your budget. My presentations are punchy, entertaining and dynamic with plenty of “take home” value. 
My focus is about attracting, maintaining and enhancing business and personal relationships.


Get your PhD
Challenges delegates to live and work with principles, humour and discipline.
The new “PAGE” in our book of life
Equips delegates to attract, maintain and enhance customer relationships.
Addresses issues in the fields of stress management, time management, motivation and change
Motivates and equips delegates to cope with our changing environment.
A highly inspirational and motivational presentation assisting delegates to step up to the next level.
It’s ok, everybody does it
Assists delegates in the art of practicing behaviour that distinguishes between what is good, bad, right and wrong.
Follow those “STARS”
A punchy, motivational presentation outling what it takes to be a good team player.
Leave the pity party and grab a piece of the “PIE”
Motivation and change
How to cash in on “LEADS”
Managing, directing and supporting the lead generation process.
The positive service “PACKAGE”
Customer service, customer retention and motivation.


About Ethics

Ethics is the discipline dealing with what is good, bad, right or wrong, or with moral duty and obligation. – Norman Vincent Peale
An ethical dilemma is when your conscience starts wrestling with your survival instinct, i.e. wanting to do what is right, but at the same time wanting to further your career or reach your goals by any possible means.

The 5 P's of Ethical Power

Purpose – This is your own personal mission statement. The kind of person you want to be and the kind of life you want to live. When you disregard your purpose and you do something that you know is wrong, your self esteem will suffer as a result of it.
Pride – Is the sense of satisfaction that you get from accomplishments, as well as people such as your colleagues, staff, family and friends.
Patience – It is difficult to be patient in today’s world of instant gratification. When you have patience you realise that if you do what is right – even if it costs you in the short run – it will pay off in the long run.
Persistence – Relates to sticking to your principles, keeping your commitment and making your actions consistent with your guiding principles.
Perspective – Is the ability to see what is really important in any given situation. 

The Ethics Check

Before acting, ask yourself the following 3 questions:
1. Is it legal?   Will you be violating civil law or company policy? (This question looks at existing standards)
2. Is it balanced?   Is it fair to all concerned? 
(This question looks at fairness and rationality)
3. How will it make me feel about myself?   i.e. will it make me proud? Would I feel good if my decision was published in the newspaper? Would I feel good if my family knew about it?
(This questions looks at your emotions and own morality)

Ethical Truths

There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience.
The most difficult aspect of ethics is doing what is right, not deciding what is right.
There is no right way to do a wrong thing.
Ethical behaviour is related to self esteem. People who feel good about themselves, have what it takes to withstand outside pressure and do what is right.

Boost Your Self Image

Pull your own strings.
Take responsibility for your life.
Develop stickability and self discipline.

by: David Graham

      Restoring hope and pride in people

David Graham


Three weeks after Christmas 2001, a Cape Town estate agent bludgeoned his wife and three children with an axe, dowsed the bodies of his children with petrol, set them alight and shot himself.

His wife, however, did not die. Meet the formidable Debbie Adlington, who astounded medical experts by surviving three massive blows to her head, unimaginable grief and months of therapy. For Debbie the events of the early morning of 16 January 2002 marked the end of life as she knew it. Now, more than ten years on, she is again a mother and knows again the joy of nurturing, loving and being loved by another human being.

In her talks, Debbie offers a forthright and unique perspective on family murders and survival. She speaks about her arduous physical and emotional recovery, revealing details of her struggle to build a happy and meaningful life in the aftermath of horrific tragedy.

By sharing the story of her painful journey she hopes to encourage and inspire others who have suffered great loss. She leaves audiences with the reassurance that there can, indeed, be life after death, however tragic the circumstances.

Debbie Adlington



An established and  well-known corporate speaker, trainer and facilitator 

Deshun Deysel



Over 12 years involving extensive experience in facilitation of corporate groups in the area of motivation, personal development, leadership and goal setting. In addition, have been invited as guest or keynote speaker at over 200 events, including some of South Africa’s biggest corporate groupings. 
1999- 2004: Pacific Institute - Facilitated Personal Development; Leadership and Transformational Programmes
(2001-2004) Accreditor at the Institute
2004-2005:Co-founded SINIRGI International – A speaking consultancy and facilitation business
2006- Present : Founded Deshun Deysel and Associates – a speaking, training and facilitation firm whose purpose is: encouraging leadership in a context of change and diversity.
2008 –Present: The communications training firm, Business Communication Skills (BCS) uses her to facilitate programmes in the area of presentation skills and in the area of Sales. 
2008 – Present: One of the presenters on the television programme, Hosanna.
2012: Deshun’s training, coaching and evaluation programme, The PeakToolkit is implemented as a core part of DDA’s business. The Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship awards Deshun a contract to implement the programme with their students  


High altitude climbing
14 high altitude expeditions on five continents. One of only three South African women to have attempted a summit on Everest – that is leaving Camp 4 and making an attempt to reach the summit
1995 Mt. Meru, 4 500m, Tanzania. Summit
1996 Mt. Kilimanjaro, 5 895m, Tanzania. Summit 
1996 Mt. Everest, 8 850m, Nepal. Reached 6 500m
1996 Mt. Kalapathar, 5 500m, Nepal. Summit
1999 Mt. Kenya, 5 300m, Kenya. Evacuated at 5000m after rock fall
2000 Mt. Kilimanjaro, 5 895m, Tanzania. Hypothermia forced descent , reached Crater Rim
2002 Mt. McKinley, 6 194m, Alaska. Reached 5000m
2002 Mt. Blanc, 4 807m, France. Summit
2002 Mt. Elbrus, 5 642m, Russia. Hit by storm, reached 4 900m
2002 Mt. Aconcagua, 6 960m, Argentina. Hit by storm, reached 6 500m
2003 Mt Everest, 8 850m, Nepal. Hit by storm, reached 8 300m
2007 Mt. Kalapathar South Base Camp, 5380m, Nepal. Summit
2007 Mt. Elbrus, 5642m, Russia. Summit
2008 Mt. Kilimanjaro – 5895m, Tanzania. Summit


1995: Selected as one of two women on Sunday Time Everest Expedition Team, the patron of which was then President Mandela.
1996: Part of Ian Woodall’s team which successfully placed the new flag on Everest’s summit.
1997: Recipient of  “4 Outstanding Young South Africans” award.
2003: Member of Discovery Health Everest Expedition, came within 500 vertical Metres of Everest Summit.
2003: Embarked on attempt to climb the “Seven Summits” – the highest point on each continent.
2005: Selected as a Laureus Sports for good Foundation South African Ambassador. She is presently one of 22 ambassadors in a list which includes Morne Du Plessis (Chairman and Trustee); Natalie Du Toit; Desiree Ellis; Bryan Habana; Butch James; Baby Jake Matlala; Shaun Pollock; Oscar Pistorious; Lucas Radebe and John Robbie.
2007: Embarked on the “7 Summits Programme” -  an attempt to become the first South African woman to summit the highest peak on each continent. She has thus far been on five of the seven mountains, and summitted two. (In 2010 Mandy Ramsden achieved this goal – and in so doing became the first South African woman to do so.)
2009: One of the Brand Ambassadors for First for Women Insurance
2010: Has been asked to participate in Laureus expedition to Kilimanjaro in December with Martina Navratilova was the celebrity parti


Ambassador for Laureus Sport for Good Foundation
On the Founding Committee of her school alumni- Fred Norman Secondary School Alumni
Member at Melville Junction Church
Deshun Deysel


Dr Lucas Moloi

 Lucas Moloi is the inaugural South African Quality Champion, Author (wordpreneur), Social Entrepreneur and passionate speaker. An assertive business consultant, trainer, and coach who helps business professionals in Assertive Communication Skills, Assertive Leadership Skills, Assertive Team Skills, and Assertive Customer Service. He is available for customised in-house training, tailored keynotes, breakout sessions, boot camps, retreats, coaching, and consulting 

Lucas “The Champ”Moloi

Speaker . Author (Wordpreneur) . Entrepreneur . Consultant, Trainer 

Vision and Life's Work: To facilitate change, inspire excellence and fight poverty through entrepreneurship 

From humble beginnings, Lucas started his career as a labourer in a factory around Vanderbijlpark where he worked his way up to become a Boilermaker artisan. Passionate and driven to be the change in the world, Lucas studied Quality Management until graduating with a Doctorate in Quality Management from the US and Scenario and Strategy planning from Stanford University . 
He then moved into consulting where he worked for a number of consulting firms which consulted for large multinational corporations like Sasol, Anglo platinum, eventually awarded the Inaugural South African Quality Champion. Lucas holds a number of board assignments including; Chairman of the South African Quality Institute. A born entrepreneur Lucas then leaped into self business, resigning from a comfortable job to setup his dream, the Junto Group. The Junto Empire has interest in diversified industries including, SHEQ consulting, property, music recording, emergency management, car rental, etc. 
Today apart from mentoring graduates in the field of Quality and Entrepreneurship, Lucas travels around the world motivating thousands of people in both business and personal lives. Lucas is a motivational and business speaker of note tackling issues of greater importance. A true social entrepreneur at heart, Lucas is known for his very direct approach in problem identification and calling “a spade, exactly that, a spade”. He speaks around Public, non-profit, private and development organisations. 
Lucas's effectiveness comes from a blend of his easy going and conversational style, with enthusiasm, passion, humour, and direct problem approach. He is not afraid to ask or address tough questions and issues, but does so kindly and with deep respect. Above all, Lucas's objective is "to provoke thought, and encourage action" by helping his audience look at challenges in a different way than before. Lucas engenders an environment ripe for self- discovery and personal growth that will motivate your staff to smash through the barriers that hold them back. The result is empowered professionals with improved quality performance and satisfied customers. 
Lucas is available for customized in-house training, tailored keynotes, breakout sessions, boot camps, retreats, coaching, and consulting. If you are looking for someone who can address tough issues in a professional manner, then contact Lucas Moloi for more information. 
The very best way to determine the right speaker for your organization is to call the speaker. Lucas invites you to call him to discuss whether or not he can be of service. Lucas has addressed audiences as large as 200, but only accepts bookings that he feels are a good match with his expertise. Therefore, you can rest assured that you get exactly the speaker that best serves your organization. 

Honours and Awards 

  • Inaugural South African Quality Champion Award 2009/2010 
  • Topco National Business Awards, Entrepreneur of the year runner-up, 2009 
  • Quality Management Project Award, D.A project , 2007 
  • Quality Management Project Award, M.A project , 2005 
  • Quality Management Project Award, B.A project , 2001 

Professional Affiliations 

  • 2005-Current Member of the Institute of Business Management Institute 
  • 2007-Current Member of the South African Quality Institute 
  • 2008-Current Member of the Black Management Forum 
  • 2008-Current Member of the Institute of Directors 
  • 2010-Current Member of the Services Seta Employers Association 

Teaching Assignments 

  • 2009 University of Johannesburg (Centre for Small Business Development) 

Selected Boards 

  • 2010 - Current Chairman, South African Quality Institute (SAQI) 
  • 2010- Current Chairman, Junto Group of companies 

Citations in Biographical Dictionaries 

  • Who's Who in South Africa (2010) 
  • Linkedin 

Articles about L. Moloi

  • e-Quality edge 
  • Northside Chronicles 
  • NMISA newsletter 
  • Engineering News 
  • Progressive leader – issue 4 
  • CEO Magazine – January 2011 
  • Impumelelo 2011 

Speaking Engagements 

  • Youth Of Flame: “Entrepreneurship” 2006. 
  • Youth Against Crime: (Motivation), 2009. 
  • University of Johannesburg, Soweto campus, “ Impact and Effect of Quality in small business” 2009 
  • SAQI(South African Quality Institute), AGM – Topic “Challenges facing young entrepreneur in quality”, 2010 
  • SAATCA(Southern African Auditor and Training Certification Association), 13th Annual International conference – Topic “Challenges facing 2nd party auditors in the public sector” 2010 
  • Annual South African National Quality Conference – Topic “Transformation in Quality” 2010 
  • Powertech transformers, World quality day conference – Topic “Cost of Quality”2010 
  • Tupperware SA, World Quality Day – Topic “Moving the borders of Quality” 2010 
  • Department of Labour Quality Conference – Topic “Performance and Quality management” 2011 
  • Eskom Extended National Quality Forum – Topic “ The cost of Quality” 2011 
  • Spoke around 10 schools in August 2011 during his annual national matric tour 
  • Department of Labour career expo – Vaal Bophelong 2011 
  • Entrepreneur is the way of life conference – University of South Africa 2011 
  • Torque IT Business school – 2011 

Publications and Papers 

  • Progressive Leader Magazine – Issue 4 (Quantifying Quality) 
  • Busy with a paper, Importance of Quality Management in SMEs, to publish 2011 
  • Challenges facing auditors in the public sector”. Presented on the 26th October 2010 at the SAATCA conference 
  • The Everyday battlefield (Published motivational book) 

Some of the Topics


  • Everyday Battlefield 
  • A road travelled – Walking your journey 
  • I am an island – do it yourself 
  • Stumbling Young man – Walking journey of giants 
  • Black man and a parrot – Being unique 


  • Cost Of Quality - Business 
  • Performance and Quality Management 
  • Earning your package 
  • Exceptional Customer Service 
  • Quality in small business 
  • Quality in a public organisation 
  • Kasipreneurship 
  • Leadership 
Dr Lucas Moloi

Fanie de Villiers

Fanie de Villiers

Fanie de Villiers, national cricket hero and well known television personality established himself as a South African sports hero with his winning match performance against Australia in Sydney in 1993/4. Fanie de Villiers went on to play international cricket until he retired in 1998. Better known as “Vinnige Fanie”, he is no stranger when it comes to working hard for success and overcoming adversity.
Having grown up in Vereeniging far away from traditional school cricket structures, Fanie de Villiers practiced hard and bowled his way into the Northern Transvaal team while training as a teacher in Pretoria. Since retiring from international cricket, Fanie de Villiers commentates on television and performs Master of Ceremony duties at golf days and corporate functions.
Fanie de Villiers now delivers presentations entitled “Reaching Your Peak” in which he uses his vast experience as a sportsman and team player together with humorous stories to illustrate the pertinent points of the acronym PEAK – Passion, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Knowledge – to ensure success.
Fanie de Villiers

Gary Bailey
Gary Bailey

Gary Bailey

gavin hunt


Soccer Playing Career

Played professional soccer for Hellenic Football Club in Cape Town, South Africa, from 1981 – 1994.


1989 Coached Western Province Under-18 Schoolboy team

1990 Coached Western Province Under-18 Schoolboy team. Chosen as South African Under-18 Head Coach.

1995 Coached Seven Stars in the National Second Division.

1996 Head Coach at Seven Stars.  Ended 2nd to Santos in the National Second Division.

1997/98 Gained promotion with Seven Stars into the Premier Soccer League.

Semi-finalists Bob Save Cup.  Lost penalty shoot-out to Premier League Winner, Sundowns.

1998/99 Head Coach Seven Stars – Premier Soccer League.

Semi-finalists in Rothmans Cup. Ended 5th in the League.

Spent 2 weeks at Ajax, Amsterdam learning their coaching methods.

Left Seven Stars to join Hellenic Football Club.

Attended coaching at West Ham United (Harry Redknapp) and Fulham (Alan Smith) over a 2 week period.

Won Sir Matt Busby Coach of the Year Award.

1999/2000 Head Coach at Hellenic.  

Won Sir Matt Busby Coach of the Year Award.

2000/2001 Left Hellenic and joined Black Leopards.

2001/2002 Head Coach at Black Leopards – newly promoted into the PSL.  Ended 8th.

Won PSL Coach of the Year.

Joined F.A. Coaches Association, U.K.

2002/2003 Head Coach Moroka Swallows FC.  Ended 4th.

2003/2004 Head Coach Moroka Swallows FC. Ended 6th in league.

SAA Supa 8 losing finalists.

Obtained FA International Coaching Licence (UEFA B).

Attended Uefa A Licence Course (part 1) in May 2004.

Won ABSA Cup.

2004/2005 Head Coach Moroka Swallows FC. Ended 5th in league.

Losing semi-finalists SAA Supa 8.

2005/2006 Head Coach Moroka Swallows FC.  Ended 4th in league.

Team won “Most Balanced Team in the PSL” award.

2006/2007 Head Coach Moroka Swallows FC.  Finished 3rd in league.

2007/2008 Head Coach Supersport United FC.

Won the PSL league title.

PSL Coach of the Year.

SABC South African Sports Awards “Coach of the Year”

2008/2009 Head Coach Supersport United FC

Won the PSL league title.

PSL Coach of the Year.


Gavin Hunt


Gcina Mhlophe Becker

Gcina Mhlope Becker

Gcina is South Africa's best known storyteller. Storytelling has become a popular business media at conferences and seminars, and Gcina is a master at creating stories to complement business and conference themes. She enjoys international recognition as a poet, playwright, actress, short story writer and storyteller. 
Her published books include 'A Mother’s Search for Stories', 'Molo Zoleka', 'Stories of Africa', ‘Love Child’, ‘Have you Seen Zandile’ and “The Singing Chameleon”, to name but a few. In 2000 she released an award-winning storytelling CD called ‘Fudukazi's Magic’ for German audiences. She has also written both story and music in collaboration with guitarist, Bheki Khoza, for the Animated Tales of the World TV series. In 2001 her CD and book of Nozincwadi Mother of Books was produced as part of her nationwide reading road show to South African rural schools. Her work has received awards from BBC Africa Service for Radio Drama, The Fringe First Award in the Edinburgh Festival, the Josef Jefferson Award in Chicago, and OBIE in New York.
The author is still first and foremost active as a performer. She tells stories, dances, appears in numerous international music programmes and can also often be seen in films and television broadcasts, as well as heard on radio programmes.  Her musical partners include Francis and Patric Bebey, Sam Shabalala, Ladysmith Black Mambazo choir and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Gcina has received Honorary Doctorates from the London Open University, the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the University of Pretoria, Fort Hare University and the University of Johannesburg. 
Storytelling has taken Gcina to theatres from Soweto to London, and much of her work has been translated into German, French, Italian, Swahili and Japanese. 
In 2013 Gcina was selected as one of the “21 Icons South Africa” series. “21 Icons South Africa “celebrates the lives of 21 extraordinary South Africans who have captured the global imagination with their dignity, humanity and hard work.” Gcina was in the company of greats the likes of Nelson Mandela, Bishop Desmond Tutu, FW de Klerk, Ahmed Kathrada, and Gary Player.
Gcina's stories meld folklore, information, current affairs, song and idiom. The realisation of her dreams is a visceral motivator for her and she is passing on her infectious enthusiasm by developing young talent to carry forward the work of storytelling through the Zanendaba (Bring me a story) Initiative. This initiative, established in 2002, is a collaboration with the Market Theatre and READ, a national literacy organization.
Mhlophe currently serves as the patron of the ASSITEJ South Africa, the International Association for Theatre for Children and Young People, which  focuses on making books available to poor South African rural communities by making sure that libraries are built, and making sure they are stocked with locally and culturally relevant books.


“Gcina’s blend of stories and songs were the perfect ending to a night in the boma and added significantly to our appreciation of South Africa’s history and culture.”
John S Zomzow, Advertising Manager, General Motors Corporation, Grand Blanc, Michigan USA
“Sensational. Gcina held the audience in the palm of her hand throughout her performance.  One of the best I’ve heard.”
Clive Kairuz, Marketing Director, Metro Cash & Carry
“Dynamic, impactful and hugely entertaining – Gcina gave us a memorable evening round off full of surprises.  Perfectly targeted at our request for our theme “We Are One”.  Will certainly consider for the future!”
Wayne Staples, Marketing Director, CNLD International (Pty) Ltd
“This was excellent!! Gcina had the audience of 80 delegates from 5 countries spellbound with her poetry and stories. Thanks for adding to the success of our conference!”
Allan MacGillivray, Managing Director, NuTec Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
“Gcina has an amazing presence.  She is powerful beyond measure. Her ability to use all of her (body, mind, soul, spirit) was captivating, liberating and profound… and through simplicity was able to demystify the challenges of leadership.”
Evelyn Naika, HR, Woolworths
Gcina Mhlophe Becker

From Blockbusters to the primetime small screen Hakeem Kae-Kazim has made his impact in the world of entertainment and has worked alongside many industry greats.  This talented actor gained international notoriety for his wonderful portrayal of George Rutugunda in the Oscar nominated filmHotel Rwanda, which led to leading roles in the TNT movie Librarian 2; opposite Noah Wyle, and The Triangle opposite Eric Stoltz and Sam Neill.Enjoying playing feisty and exciting characters, Hakeem’s list of impressive credits include Pirates of the Caribbean III, Lost, Cane with Jimmy Smits, Law & Order: SVU with Mariska Hargitay, The Triangle with Sam Neill, The Librarian with Gabrielle Anwar, X-Men: Wolverine with Hugh Jackman, The 4th Kind alongside Milla Jovovich and Darfur with Billy Zane.
Hakeem is often recognized for his recurring role as Colonel Dubaku, through which he wowed audiences with his stunning performance in24’s’ Season 7, and in the prequel movie Redemption. Hakeem both produced and starred in Black November with MIckey Rourke and Kim Bassinger, as well as the award winning film Man on Ground and Last Flight to Abuja.
His distinctive voice has also been shared in many popular video games including Halo, Call of Duty and The Bourne Conspiracy. Hakeem is well loved for his TV work, which recently has included many primetime shows including Human Target, Criminal Minds, NAVY NCIS, Law and Order, Cobert Affairs and Strike Back.
Hakeem’s latest films Half of a Yellow Sun and A Chance of Rain, are set to be released soon and his role as Mr Scott in Michael Bay’s exciting and much awaited new series Black Sails with be premiering in January.  The second series has already been commissioned for this exciting series.

Film Television Hosting  Theater Voice-Over Skills
















































































































































































































































Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Hector Motau

Hector Motau: The REAL Motivator!

“You are so real!” I hear that a lot after my presentations comment from various people in different contexts. People seem to pick that up as a dominant characteristic of mine while. I then realised that his message seemed to appeal to the average South African and resonated strongly with their lives. Yes I am REAL because I believe my audience wants Results; they want to be Entertained (nobody wants to listen to a boring speaker); they want Authenticity; and of course they want to know that I Love them and what I do. Whenever I prepare my presentations, I make sure that all of these elements are included. That is why I understand the sentiments very well when I’m told that I’m REAL. I am the REAL Motivator! 
Hector has been a professional motivational speaker for more than 12 years. He is the Managing Member of The Motivation Company, a personal development company specializing in motivation, teambuilding and training. Throughout the span of his career, his main objective has been to motivate, equip and train people to discover and live by their purpose. In this Endeavour, Hector has formulated unique, outcomes-based and relevant methodologies that assist people within organizations as individuals and teams respectively. 
His career as a motivational speaker began while he worked as a radio presenter at the now defunct Radio Bop. Having heard Dr Miles Munroe's speech on purpose, Hector went on to discover and pursue his own purpose of motivating others. This propelled the launch of his own company in 1999 which now services many public and private entities. He also worked as a freelance facilitator for Business Presentation Skills, facilitating on programmes such as Presentation Skills and Excellence in Customer Service. 
Hector obtained a Public Administration diploma at the Tshwane University of Technology as well as a certificate in Business Psychology and Human Behavior from the University of South Africa. He has been featured on television shows such as 3-Talk, Take 5, Crux, Zooming in on Men, Morning Live amongst others; is requested regularly to motivate listeners on various national and regional radio shows; and has been featured on the February 2009 issue of Oprah Magazine and the inaugural July/ August issue of Destiny Man Magazine . 
Hector Motau

Hein Wagner

It has been said that people born blind grow and mature with an intellect absolutely void of the pre-conceptions or judgments of those with sight.
Their minds become formidable think tanks… platforms from which they develop razor sharp insights into life’s everyday problems & challenges.

Hein Wagner is such a man –

        a man who lists more personal achievements than many!

  • Most recently Hein became the first blind person to complete the 2011 ABSA Cape Epic (the Tour de France of mountain biking): 707km over 8 days climbing more than 15 000 meters.
  • In January 2011 Hein completes the Ironman 70.3 in East London
  • In February 2010 Hein set a lap record around the East London Grand Prix circuit
  • On 6 October 2009 Hein broke the World Blind Land Speed Record becoming the fastest blind driver in the world by averaging a speed of 322.5km/h in a Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series
  • In March 2007 he completed the Hong Kong Marathon, known to be one of the toughest marathons in the world
  • In November 2006 Hein completed the New York City Marathon 
  • In August 2006 he took part in the Standard Chartered Bank Ironman event in Korea, completing 180km on a tandem bicycle, under extreme weather conditions.
  • Hein has skydived from a height of ten thousand feet and bungee-jumped from one of the highest bridges in the world 
  • In February 2006 Hein became the first blind person in the world to cycle solo over a distance of thirty-nine kilometres
  • He was the first South African to brake a World Land Speed Record in September 2005 reaching a speed of 269 km/h in a Maserati Gran Sport
  • He was a player in the South African blind cricket team that won the World Cup in India during the inaugural Blind Cricket World Cup  in 1998
  • He has tackled the white waters of the Zambezi River in a rubber raft 
  • He completed the Cape to Rio Yacht Race at the age of 22.
  • He has run several Marathons and climbed the 10 highest mountains in the Western Cape 
  • He achieved Western Province colours for athletics (1989 & 1990)
  • Hein also performed his autobiographical show, Bat Magic, at all the major art festivals in South Africa. 
  • He completed his APM (Advanced Professional Management) through the Open University of London
  • Through his powerful motivational talks, Hein is rapidly becoming a sought after speaker of note!  His topics include:

Against all Odds™

(Motivational Talk)

This presentation takes the audience on a humorous and moving journey of Hein’s view on the world he lives in.  He shares some of his light and dark moments as well as his personal recipe to achieve extraordinary results.
Hein recommends this highly motivational talk for any kind of conference or seminar that deals with any theme or topic including sales, marketing, leadership, strategic planning, team building, project planning / kick-off or just pure staff motivation.

Blind man with Vision™

(Motivational Talk)

This presentation is guaranteed to open the eyes of those that are simply too lazy to see.  It is loaded with humour and suitable for diverse audiences of all ages, religions and cultures.  Hein leaves the audience with the burning question:  "I am blind... What is your excuse..?"
We recommend this talk for corporate dinners, award ceremonies, gala & fundraising events, product launches etc.  Basically any function, formal or informal.
A slightly adapted version of this talk is also available for schools, colleges and universities.

Listen, Think & Grow™

(Motivation & Team Building Session)

The team building session kicks off with an all round introduction that is followed by a 45-minute powerful, humorous & emotional motivational talk.  This moves the audience into a dimension of positive thinking.
The talk is followed by an interactive session that includes a number of exercises to improve the level of understanding, respect and sense of belonging within the group.
Hein contracts confidentiality with the group and through the above mentioned techniques create an environment of trust wherein people share on a deeper level to ultimately have a far better understanding of everyone in the group/team.
With a better understanding and deeper level of trust within your group/team the members also get to know and understand the interpersonal boundaries and how to effectively deal with one another, especially under pressure.
Be warned:  This is a highly emotional session, however incredibly effective in bringing a group/team together for life.
We recommend this session for any team/group that needs to achieve extraordinary results on all levels.  It leaves them connected, respected, appreciated and “team mated”.
As the creator of this interactive team building session, Hein can change the content to accommodate your organization’s key objectives, core values or any long & short-term goals, should that be required.

Blind EMCEE™

(Master of Ceremonies)

Hein understands the importance of running a conference agenda on time and his audiences love his sense of humour and the way he connects with them.
By utilizing the latest electronic Braille and Voice Technology he can manage any audiovisual presentation and accommodate any last-minute changes to the program/agenda.
Book him now and add an eye-opening twist to your next conference, seminar or corporate function.

Feedback from our Clients

Mike DeNoma, CEO, Consumer Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
“Without doubt Hein is an exceptional individual. He delivered an inspiring presentation with humour and enthusiasm, touching each individual in the audience with his insight into life and the ways in which he overcame his challenges. Our audience of 400 managers & executives from over 30 nationalities were captivated by his many achievements and energy for life. A huge success!”
Harry Charlton, Chief Finance Officer, Parliament of South Africa
“Many of my people have said that they went away with a very different perspective on life.  All too often, motivational talks are once-offs with a one-day impact.  It is nearly a week after your talk and I am pleased to tell you that people are still commenting about your presentation.”
Arno Vorster, On behalf of the Institute of Internal Auditors Western Cape
“This truly inspires those that can see - to stop and think what we have achieved in life.  His talk was humoristic, grabbed the attention and was really inspirational as it depicted true and realistic examples we all see in our daily situations but never see the detail as experienced by a person who cannot see... ”
Jody Pearson, PR Manager, Alexander Forbes
“Hein is a remarkable young man.  He achieved so much in his life that I wouldn’t even dream of attempting.” 
Brian Robertson, HR Director, Vital Health Foods
“The time we spent together on Friday afternoon was WITHOUT EXCEPTION the most humorous, uplifting, motivational and inspirational experience that I have experienced during my 18 years with the Company.  The message was clear, practical and relevant to our people and you manage to reinforce a very strong and positive sense of accountability through turning your disability into a massive ability – “I am blind … what is your excuse …” ”
Debbie Knipe, Assistant Manager, Institute of Estate Agents
“Thank you very much for addressing our agents at our AGM last night.  What a huge success.  You truly are an inspiration and I have never before booked a speaker who stirred up such a positive response as last night.  You are a TOTAL delight. ”

Delegate feedback

  • Realised today how much I have to be thankful for. To develop my talents and to pursue them to greatness. In a nut shell the most inspirational speaker of the 3 days
  • I am going to change my vision of life and my attitude towards others
  • Insightful & gives you a sense of appreciation & desire
  • This just blew me away with lots of learning
  • This talk was mind boggling. I was very inspired
  • Best of all the presentations, very emotional 
  • This has been an amazing life story. It confirms that everyone can achieve their goal
  • Wow! I felt so ungrateful and will start “looking” at life differently. 
  • Vision and more vision is our road to success
  • Absolutely phenomenal. Will certainly change my view on life
  • Innocent honesty – humour crosses all bridges! Absolutely brilliant – what a way to wrap up. Thanks! “A special child is born for a reason”
  • More than excellent – no rating can describe what this speaker brought to us. Wow!
Hein Wagner

Hendrik Visser

Hendrik Visser

Laughter Professor and Coach: Business and Corporate world.

Hendrik Visser brings you Laughter without humour, comedy or jokes. He has been a pre-registered RAD teacher and has had his own ballet-school in Kimberley. He also has been breeding exotic Parrots, Toucans, Scarlet Ibises, waterfowl, Capuchin monkeys and miniature horses.

He is one of a few laughter professionals in South Africa, who is doing laughter coaching on a full-time basis, and is a Laughter Coach that is changing the future of how the business-world is dealing with stress. Laughter Coaching is a natural and highly effective technique that produces instant results, and will help your organisation, to be more stress-free and to shift paradigms in your workforce.

Hendrik Visser works on a holistic fun way with stress, conflict, productivity and leadership skills. He is using laughter exercises, combined with breathing exercises, positive affirmations, childlike – playfulness and gibberish. 

 Hendrik Visser first qualified as a Certified Laughter Yoga leader in 2008, and started immediately to work in the corporate world by facilitating Laughter Coaching workshops.

In the beginning he did workshops in the Johannesburg area for NPO’s, NGO’s and other small groups to gain experience in Laughter Coaching. In 2009 he moved to Bronkhorstspruit after his divorce and started to work immediately as a Volunteer at Sinzinani Village (St, Joseph Support and Care Trust). He worked at this NGO for nearly 13 months and worked daily with AIDS patients at the Hospice, HIV/Aids Support groups, care-givers, AIDS-orphans and Staff.

In the middle of 2009, he went to India to study and qualify as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Coach. He studied with the Founder of the Laughter Yoga movement, Dr. Madan Kataria and is one of 8 teaching members of the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Yoga International in South Africa. When Hendrik returned from India, he immediately started and concentrated on corporate work.

In 2010, Hendrik travelled around Southern Africa, facilitating workshops and CLYL’s training in the Durban area, then he moved to Port Elizabeth and has been instrumental in bringing Laughter Yoga to the Eastern Cape, where he facilitated CLYL’s training and workshops in the corporate world.  

He moved to Cape Town in the beginning of 2011, after he have seen the need of Corporate Laughter Coaching in the Western Cape. He has built a very successful Laughter Coaching practice in Cape Town and he is always in big demand. He has been in the press in the following newspapers, The Algoa Sun, Career Times Section of the Cape Times and on the Radio on the following Radio-stations like Radio Algoa, Taxi Radio and RSG.

Hendrik loves to travel and meeting new people, and has a passion to bring Laughter Coaching to everybody that wants to learn how to laugh without reason and to train people to change their lifestyles regarding stress-management and relationship-building.

Dr. Kataria told me during my teachers training, that I have a calling for Laughter Coaching and I need to dedicate myself to laughter coaching, and it would be a challenge in the beginning to build up a successful laughter coaching career. I have been through many challenges and believe me, it was worth it.

Nothing beats the feeling that you get, when you walk into a workshop and all that you, see are stressed out people and at the end all of them are relaxed, have more energy, and are very optimistic about the future.

Client Services:

Hendrik Visser provides the following services to the Corporate and public sectors:

1. Corporate de-stressing workshops.

 Laughter coaching workshops for the Public and Corporate Sector:

The need for laughter coaching in the business and corporate world is increasing, and more and more executives see the need for laughter and playfulness in their busy lives. There is a choice of Laughter Coaching workshops from 60-90 minutes available and it will include the following:

Fake Laughter Exercises, breathing exercises, Stretching exercises, Childlike –playfulness exercises and some Gibberish exercises.

Real Laughter Exercises.

Laughter Meditation.

Guided Relaxation.

Grounding Exercise

2. Ice-breakers for Conferences.

Ice-breakers are available for anyone that wants to bring something special into their Conferences, where people can laugh without reason and still build up energy and a positive environment. It will make the participants feel more energetic and is a perfect technique to motivate them as well.

Laughter Coaching Ice-breakers are available in periods of 15-20 minutes and it can also be changed according to the needs of the Organizers.

3. Laughter Coaching Foundation programs for Corporates.

The Laughter Coaching foundation programs are available to the corporate world, where they want to introduce laughter as a way of life into their existing wellness programs, and it also go hand-in-hand with the 2 day Certified Laughter Leaders program that is affiliated to the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Yoga International. 

4. 2 Day Certified Laughter Leadership programs  especially designed for the Corporate and Business world.

This program is especially designed for the corporate and business world. It is a Certified Laughter Yoga course that has been especially designed by Hendrik Visser and it is certified by the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga. The course includes the following modules and can be implemented immediately in the company or business after the completion of the course.

The Modules:

1. The History of Therapeutic Laughter and Laughter Clubs.

2. Laughter Yoga and the unique features of Laughter Yoga.

3. The Physiology and Psychology of Laughter.

4. Hard-wired Stress and Laughter systems.

5. Benefits of Laughter Yoga.

6. Contraindications to Laughter Yoga.

7. The Laughter Yoga Session.

8. What happens in a laughter Yoga session?

9. The legal aspects of a Laughter Yoga session.

10. The Laughter Yoga Coach.

11. Social Laughter Yoga clubs.

12. Getting started as a Laughter Coach.

13. Laughter Yoga for the Business world.

14. Working as a Laughter Yoga Professional.

15. Laughter Yoga best practices.

16. The importance of Oxygen.

17. The 40 Foundation exercises.

18. More Laughter exercises.

19. One-on-One Laughter Coaching.

The successful candidates will be issued a certificate and will be registered as a Laughter Yoga Professional, with the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and with Laughter Yoga International. The Company or the coach also has the option of becoming a member of the Prozone group for an additional fee of $60.00 per annum.

5. Laughter Team-building workshops.

Laughter Yoga as a technique works with Eye-contact, physical closeness, childlike –playfulness, clapping, positive affirmations and lots of laughter.

In a laughter coaching session the participants will need to trust each other and with the laughter meditation there will sometimes be a release of negative emotions. During these sessions there will be a period where the participants will be trained to speak gibberish and to get rid of pent-up issues and also to make use of gibberish to brain-storm certain ideas in an out-of-the-box scenario.

6. One-on-One Executive Laughter Coaching.

The need for laughter coaching in the business and corporate world is increasing, and more and more executives see the need for laughter and playfulness in their busy lives.

Laughter Coaching can help executives and business people to cope with stress and it can be used as a tool to improve their and to resolve their workplace issues. The program for One-on-One Laughter Coaching is of 3 hours duration and can be broken down in 1 hour sessions. After the successful completion of the Coaching sessions, there will be a 15 minute session on Skype.

7. There are similar Laughter Coaching Training programs available to suite every NGO and NPO,and to receive training in their perspective field of work , for example there are training for people that wants to work with old people, children etc..

Hendrik Visser

Herman Mashaba


Herman's academic dream was shattered in 1980 in his second year of a BAdmin degree at the University Of The North when the University was shut down due to political unrests. When the University was reopened after two months, he decided not to go back. Strong promises to send him out of the country for military training.
Late 1980 found himself a clerical job with Spar Pretoria where he worked for 7 months. Then worked 23 months for Motani Industries, which became his longest and last salaried job. 
During his spell at Motani, managed to buy a car, and two months later resigned and started his business career. He sold different products on a commission basis from the boot of his car for close to two years. Products portfolio ranging from insurance, fire detection systems, linen, crockery, dinner services, etc. His break came late 1983 when he was exposed to and sold hair products on a commission basis for one of the companies in Johannesburg. It took him 19 months to make up his mind to start his own hair care manufacturing business.
February 1985 the first bottle of Black Like Me products hit the South African market. Business started with three other partners and wife with a R30 000 loan, in a 200sm SBDC units in Ga-Rankuwa, in the then homeland of Bophuthatswana. Business enjoyed massive growth from inception. Built and moved in his own factory in Mabopane by 1990. Mabopane factory gutted by arsonist fire in November 1993.
July 1997 sold business to Colgate Palmolive 
August 1999 bought business back from CP 
2001 launch products in London, UK 
2002 took a decision to join the BEE arena. Formed Leswikeng Minerals & Energy (Pty) Ltd 
January 2004 resigned as CEO of Black Like Me. Still remained as major shareholder 
To date has invested in various sectors; mining, construction, exhibitions, real estate, printing, security 
2005 sold 49.9% of Black Like Me to Amka Products 

Awards Received over the years:

1993 - Oude Molen Reserve Order of Merit
1994 - New Nation/Engen Businessman of the Year
- Southern TVL African Chamber of Commerce
- Marketing Person of the Year by the Institute of Marketing Management
2001 - SABC/Tribute Achievers Award
2003 - Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership by Henley Management College
2004 - Free Market Award by the Free Market Foundation
- President's Award by the Black Management Forum 
Herman Mashaba


Time: one hour

Illustrated with slides



Team work

Ian Thomas presents a riveting and informative account of how lions, the only cats that hunt in teams, can be compared with how businesses operate as teams.

Lions form teams in order to hunt the vast herds of antelope that evolved onto Africa’s savannahs.  The strategy of using teams to ambush these herds was extremely successful.

Individual lions and lionesses benefited from this association and the prides became extremely powerful.  The presentation is based around this 

point – that the success of the team is because of the individual and the success of the individual is because of the team.



While working as a tourist guide and tracker in Africa, Ian encountered  “Big Black”, an extremely bold and aggressive lion, who threw down a ferocious challenge to anyone who dared track him.

The lion’s savage presence, in a situation where tourists were desperate to see lions, presented a huge dilemma. There were three alternatives.

Shoot the lion and hope a more placid male took over the territory.

Pretend to track him, but make sure that you never find him.

The ultimate tracking challenge, track him, find him and get out alive.

Ian then uses this story and the lessons that he learnt to help individuals or organizations to overcome daunting challenges. 

* * * * * * * * *


Date of Birth : July 12 1953

Education : Saxonwold Primary School (Standard 5)

Parktown Boys High School (Standard 10)

University of the Witwatersrand (B. Comm)

National Service : Two years in Airforce (Lieutenant)

Family : Married to Moira – two children; Clyde and Lara

Career : 8 years as a Game Ranger in Southern Africa

20 years self employed as business consultant/public speaker

Ian has consulted to most of the major local companies including:




Murray and Roberts

Grinaker Construction



Transvaal Cricket Team

Springbok Rugby Team; and many more – 


including key international companies such as:

MUSE (US hospital software user group)


Glynwed Metals (UK)

Bachrach (US)

Cisko (Europe & UK)

Eagle Star (UK)

Canada Life (UK and Canada)

Sigma (Australia)

Colonial (Australia)

He has written a book, The Power of the Pride, and is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows.  He has featured in many local and international management magazines, and is also one of South Africa’s foremost wildlife photographers.

Ian’s presentations include subjects such as “Teamwork” and “Strategy” 

* * * * * * * * * * 

Ian Thomas: Lion tracker, speaker, author

Ian has been a professional speaker for 20 years.  He has travelled internationally, and spoken in more than 25 countries.  After completing a Bachelors degree in Business, he followed is calling and worked as a wildlife guide in Southern Africa, specializing in tracking lions.  Ian attained the highest tracking and guiding qualification possible, that of “Scout”, awarded to him by “The Field Guides Association of South Africa’.  The award recognizes excellence in guiding in big game areas, weapon handling, and tracking.  He was the first person to achieve this distinction.

“the first person to achieve this distinction”.

During his time as a guide he discovered that he had a talent for teaching, and story telling, which led to a career in public speaking.  Once of his core beliefs is that people have a lot to learn from nature.  Sound business sense is linked to a knowledgeable insight into how nature thrives.  His presentations assault the senses, stunning photographs, thunderous roars, humour, and an ability to tell and act out the story; all drive the message home.

“You managed to combine the timing of a professional comedian with the skills of a professional mime artist.  You obviously had a complete mastery of your subject matter, but what came over above all, was your passion for your subject combined with a desire to use that knowledge and passion to communicate to your audience.  It was funny, riveting and inspirational all at the same time.”

Clive Panto of Clive Panto Productions UK (2003).  He has been involved in the Corporate Entertainment Industry for over 15 years.

Audiences leave enthralled, and repeat the stories to friends and colleagues, which further entrenches the message and results in immense take home business value.

He has been a guest on radio and television discussing subjects such as teamwork, goals, and how to minimize risk.  Ian is a member of the National Speakers Association (USA).  He is known for a sound business message and is recognized internationally as one of the world’s top motivators and keynote speakers.  He is the author of a book, “The Power of the Pride,” and has clients in Europe, Asia, USA, and Africa.

“clients in Europe, Asia, USA and Africa.

* * * * * * * * * *


          THE STUDY OF LIONS in the wild has involved me in far more than the gathering of biological data.   Discussions with businessmen and women while viewing lions has made me aware of the social interaction, hunting techniques and defence strategies among individual lions with vastly different personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

          Hearing comments such as “I wish my team communicated like that lion pride” planted in my mind the idea of a business presentation which would point out the analogies between business teams and lion prides.   This presentation has been hugely successful in southern Africa, Europe and the United States.

          Many friends in business and wildlife management provided input which persuaded me to turn the successful presentation into this book – The Power of the Pride.

          It has never been my intention to make comparisons between lionesses and women in business nor between lions and men in business.   Neither have I tried to draw direct comparisons between lion prides and business teams, preferring simply to make clear that the one can learn a lot from observing the other and using what is applicable to them.

          My love affair with wildlife has been incredibly rewarding.   To me there is nothing more beautiful than the grace and power of a big cat – nothing which represents the thunder of Africa more than the full-blooded roar of a lion.

Ian Thomas

Janie du Plessis


South Africa first came to know Janie du Plessis as one of South Africa’s youngest TV Presenters in the 80’s. Her personal charm, radiant good looks as well as colourful life has made her a highly sought after South African celebrity, followed with interest by the media and South Africans over the past 30 years. 
After being diagnosed with breast cancer whilst living in Europe for 11 years, Janie returned to South African and started her own property business. Thereafter she became a popular and sought after motivational speaker as well as passionately participating as a campaigner for various relevant charity causes. 
Janie’s biography,  ’n Keuse vir die Lewe (Choosing life) was released in 2010 by Martie Retief Meiring, a highly acclaimed journalist and writer. In this controversial and insightful book, Janie speaks out about her traumatic past, overcoming relevant but difficult to discuss issues, addressing  them bravely and offering ways of moving beyond the restrictions that holds one back from fulfilling your full potential. 
Her personal account of fame, abuse, living with a drug addict and dealing with illness, fear and loss, is an inspirational story that touches the hearts of all women. Janie inspires, makes you laugh and candidly shares her accounts of how you can start again and again and again... Being a savvy businesswoman and managing director of her of her own company Odev, she has the ability to weave her personal tales into inspiring talks of overcoming similar challenges in the corporate world. 
Janie’s previous clients include Old Mutual, Sanlam, Media 24, SPAR, Paarl Media, BKB, Freshmark, Cansa and more.
Janie’s Topics:
The difficult issues that challenge us in our every day lives – abuse, fear, loss, lack of self-esteem, shame etc. 
Living a life with  a debilitating disease  (in her case, breast cancer ) 
Surviving life and starting over again (and again)
Living your truth and striving to be the best you can be 
Janie du Plessis

Jeetesh Kathawaroo
Jeetesh Kathawaroo
Jeetesh Kathawaroo

Jeteesh Kathawaroo

Jonathan Foster-Pedley

Jonathan Foster-Pedley

Jonathan Foster-Pedley is the Dean and Director of Henley Business School, South Africa, part of Henley Business School UK, which holds triple accreditation from the US AACSB, UK AMBA and European EQUIS.

Prior to this he was a faculty member for strategy at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (GSB) for the MBA and other programmes. He is an education designer, academic, coach, learning facilitator and entrepreneur, and is a former airline captain, senior executive in the European aerospace industry and has over 30 years of global business experience. He is a visiting professor in strategy, creativity and innovation.

Jonathan is, or has been, designer and director of the Strategy Master Academy, Smart Strategy, Strategy Starter Kit and Creategy executive education programmes; designer and launch director of the d GSB Executive MBA; GSB head of Executive and Management Education; director and teacher of the MBA Strategy, Design and Creativity elective; director of leadership programmes in the international insurance, mining, brewing and hospitality industries amongst others, and is a speaker, blogger  and writer. 

Areas of expertise: Strategy, learning, creativity, design thinking, innovation.  He specialises in innovative and rich learning design that develops cognitive rigour, imagination, originality, self-confidence, creativity and proactivity.  He integrates social networking and technology into the education process, and enjoys working in multidisciplinary design teams around difficult and complex learning challenges. He works extensively with action learning and reflexive learning models.  He recently presented a paper at the Future of Learning conference at Ashridge Management College, UK on the ‘Graphic Representation of Learning Design’.  He also works in the areas of international competitiveness; scenarios and scenario thinking; wargames and complex business simulations; entrepreneurship and business incubation.

He is active in establishing and designing international innovation centres - he has been launch director of the Southern Innovation Centre in New Zealand, on the advisory board of the New Zealand Centre for Innovation, on the New Zealand team for the Global Entrepreneurship monitor with London Business School, on the advisory board of the Namibian Business Innovation Centre etc. He was on the launch design team for TSiBA, Cape Town, based on the models used by CIDA in Johannesburg, where he led the entrepreneurship education design team.  He is also active in other spheres of education such as being chairman of the Executive Committee of a Montessori School, a speaker and participant in Africa Young leadership initiatives and coaches and mentors. .  He is involved in social entrepreneurship initiatives, bringing European executives to South Africa to work with a number of NGO’s, producing over 800 person days of free management consulting to ZA NGO’s in the last 6 years. 

He consults and advises numerous companies including Accenture, PetroSA, SABMiller, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Old Mutual, De Beers, BHP Billiton, and PriceWaterHouseCoopers etc.  He collaborates with creatives, including comedians, musicians, magicians and designers as well as corporate and government executives. He works with a number of NGO and international agencies such as UNESCO, British Council, especially with international young leaders and youth-at-risk.

He is involved with a number of international business schools including Melbourne Business School, Australia, University of Adelaide in Australia, ProAkademy in Finland, and U21Global Singapore.  He is African director and part of the design team of the BHPBilliton Foundations for Graduates Programme, twice voted as the best graduate development programme in Australia by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers. He is owner and director of Foster-Pedley Learning and Huddlemind. These companies work in the fields of strategy, design, innovation, information analytics and interpretation, executive learning, innovation consulting, social networking for education, conferencing and social marketing. He works with Pentacle the virtual business school, an innovation educator in the UK.  He has consulted and designed education and action learning processes many industries with a range of major international corporations, with smaller companies, and with government and parastatals. 

He has hands-on experience of international sales and marketing, and of participating in and leading multicultural sales and management teams. He was marketing director for a subsidiary of Airbus Industrie and sales manager Africa and Middle East for British Aerospace Plc, Commercial aircraft. He has worked internationally for 30 years, principally in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australasia and the Americas.

He is a former airline captain, UK flying examiner, aerobatic competitor and occasional guitarist in a blues band.  He is married with two young children and lives in Johannesburg.

Jonathan Foster-Pedley

JP Landman

J.P. Landman


JP Landman is a self-employed political and trend analyst. He consults to SA largest private wealth business, BoE Private Clients, and works with several SA corporate’s on future scenario trends. His focus areas are trends in politics, economics and social capital. 

Among some of the unique research projects his consultancy has undertaken was the role of public institutions in battling corruption (quoted by the UN in a report on corruption), the interplay of demographics and economic growth, and an overview of trends around poverty alleviation in SA. Whilst working as an analyst on the JSE in the 1990s he was voted the top analyst in political trends.

JP is a popular speaker and enjoys consistently good ratings.  

He has a BA and LLB degrees from Stellenbosch (1978), studied Economics and Development Economics at Unisa (1979 and 1980) and later at Harvard (1998 and 2005), and obtained an MPhil in Future Studies (cum laude) from Stellenbosch (2003). 

Intro for JP

JP Landman is a self-employed political and trend analyst.  His focus areas are trends in politics, economics, social capital and the interplay of demographics and economic growth. 

He has a BA and LLB degrees from Stellenbosch (1978), studied Economics at Harvard (1998 and 2005), and obtained an MPhil in Future Studies (cum laude) from Stellenbosch (2003). 

JP Landman

Jurgen Tietz


Jürgen Tietz:

Safety Behavioural Specialist & Thought Leader,

Professional Speaker, Coach, Author

I am a Behavioural Safety / Manufacturing Specialist working as a Professional Speaker-Consultant.

As a self-employed Speaker-Consultant for 10+ years (of which, 6+ years as a professional speaker), I have presented and facilitated over 380 presentations and workshops in Southern Africa. I am a Thought Leader, coach, and author, and have

developed more than 25 COOL TOOL™ Safety Awareness Products, coached 28 individuals, received Best Speaker / Ideas Awards at two international conferences and written and self-published in excess of 550 copies of my book on leadership and life skills.

I have written articles for leading industry magazines and continue to share my passion for safety via the SAFETY TIPS mailing. I use my fluency in English, Afrikaans, German and Zulu, as well as my People Philosophy and unique techniques, to raise safety awareness and shift behavioural paradigms at all levels of organisations.

I am an independent, assertive and enthusiastic business manager whose career with AEL (25 years) led to my reputation as a results-oriented expert and leading authority in mass production equipment, manufacturing, productivity improvement, change

management, leadership, communication and people relationships, especially across cultures. I significantly increased sales, reduced costs, increased productivity, improved machine designs, and developed and implemented innovative processes and systems for Quality & SHE, engineering and shifts, some of which were world firsts.

I believe in SIMPLY SMART SAFETY™ and PRO-ACTIVE ACTION™ and communicate this in my inimitable, dynamic and forthright style, using multi-media and hand-outs to engage the delegates and sustain their enthusiasm for change.

Jürgen Tietz:

Safety Behavioural Specialist & Thought Leader, Professional Speaker, Coach, Author 


My PEOPLE philosophy

Manufacturing philosophy= World Class + ZD + DIRFT

SAFETY is Behaviour -based

My SAFETY GOSPEL – Systems, Equipment and PEOPLE, but the most impor tant of these is PEOPLE



Engineer with one eye and over 35 years experience

Established Professional Speaker on SAFETY and other related ‘people’ topics

Mass production of metal and plastic, forming & assembly and in explosives

Fluent in Zulu, German, English and Afrikaans -- in the Local environment

Written a Book on Leadership & Life Skills, including many techniques

An award winning Infotainer and paradigm shifter

Flexible & independent, with extensive network of a variety of specialist


Been retrenched and learned how to spread my wings – second ‘career’


SAFETY inspiration with my ‘Ingwenya’s Tale’ (Crocodile’s Tale)

A SAFETY range of COOL TOOLS and Hand-outs to engage audiences at events

Auditing plants and operations, specifically SAFETY, using my mirror technique

Raising SAFETY awareness, at shop floor level, with my electronic Toolbox Talks

Making SAFETY come alive with my electronic series of Knock-out Safety Tips

Sharing my expertise through motivational speaking, personal coaching and my book

Individual and group retrenchment and life skills counseling

Preparation of powerful multi-media material, mainly for 'training'


I am married to Heidi, I have one son who resides in Cape Town and I am 61 years young! I am fluent in English, Zulu, Afrikaans and German.

Self employed as a behavioral SAFETY / manufacturing specialist working as a professional speaker consultant and personal coach. 

Done over 340 presentations and received best speaker / ideas awards at two international conferences. 

Developed over 25 COOL TOOL Safety products to make safety simple and sustain safety awareness. 

Coached 28 individuals and written a book on leadership and life skills and as a self-publisher sold over 550 personalized copies.

An independent, assertive and enthusiastic business manager whose career has demanded solid expertise and skills in mass production, productivity improvement, results orientation, change management, leadership and communication. 

During 25 years the key achievements were -

Recognized by his colleagues as an expert on mass production equipment,manufacturing, and productivity improvement. 

Also judged inside AECI Explosives

Limited (AEL) as an authority on communication and people relationships, especially across cultures.

Annually doubled sales volumes of Underground Bulk Systems Technologies (UBST ) by opening up the market in Africa. Cutback the fixed & variable costs and established strong global links.

Developed and implemented the UBST Strategy & Business Plan, Marketing plan and introduced computerized project planning.

Upgraded & improved manufacturing plants and implemented a World Class System [Quality & SHE], as well as developed equipment and innovations like piping explosives into a mine [A world first!]

Increased the productivity of an emulsion manufacturing process and the design of the German built machines with dramatic results.

Integrated engineering & process, developed my PEOPLE philosophy and created a strong departmental identity & culture.

Implemented a continuous shift system & productive spare shift activities/training.

Reintroduced an extrusion process, including pioneering an unmanned night-shift, yielding 25 % additional output! [This was another world first for this type of operation!]

Revolutionized the manufacturing culture of a metal forming plant. Presented with Toyota’s Best Ideas Award at an international SAPICS conference in 1988 for this work.

Jürgen Tietz:


Business Manager 2 years

Manufacturing technology manager 3 years

Project manager 3 years

Production manager 2 years

Section Engineer 7 years

Early Career 4 years


These three: ‘Systems, equipment and people – but the greatest of these is people

Jurgen Tietz

Justin Cohen


International Speaker & Author


What are the psychological drivers of success in sales? A Harvard study found only one key factor - motivation. The problem is, for most people motivation is like a hot bath – it goes cold quickly The Psychology of Sales Superstars, won’t motivate your people, rather it will provide the psychological tools for self-motivation. 


Taking the audience on an inspirational journey from the birth of humankind to the present, Justin Cohen shows how the explosive speed of progress is fuelled by our unique ability to tell stories. If you want to grow an organisational culture, share knowledge, sell a product or lead a team you need to use the oldest and most powerful form of influence, you need to tell a story. Before people buy our products and services they have to buy our story. Even when we’re not speaking, our brand, offices, clothes and interpersonal style are telling a story. Finally there are the stories we tell ourselves, these are the source of our success or failure.


Many studies report that as much as 90% of career or business success depends on our social skills. In a high-tech world, relationships count more than ever. You’ve heard: it’s not what you know it’s who you know. The way it really works is: it’s not who you know, its how you treat who you know. People do business with who they know, like and trust. This presentation will help sales people create that liking and build long-lasting, profitable relationships. 

‘After Justin came to speak to the optometrists, turnover has doubled.’

 Tanya Peche, Sales Manager, EDCON

Justin electrifies his audience … he was the best speaker. 

Eric Peacock, Director, Academy of Chief Executives, UK

'Your phenomenal presentation exceeded our greatest expectations and clearly those of the delegates. Yours were the highest ratings.'

Danél Bosman, Event Manager, Siyanqoba Seminars

Justin Cohen is the author of three books and seven audio books. He presented and produced a television talk show, where he interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on success. Justin speaks, trains and facilitates internationally. His areas of expertise are in motivation, sales, service and leadership. He has an honours degree in Psychology. 

Justin Cohen
Justin Cohen

Karen Kelly



Karen Kelly is a Qualified Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Business Coach. She has been self employed since 1994 and has extensive experience in Business Management, Human Resources and Training.  Karen is the Director of Xtreme Learning Academy and the company specialises in Soft Skills Training.  The company has successfully upskilled  thousands of delegates since 2007.  Karen is currently involved with Small, Medium and Blue Chip Companies to enhance emotional awareness and workplace wellness, and is a passionate Public Speaker.

Professional Associations

Areas of specialisation

  • B-BBEE Verified
  • Proudly South African
  • Business Women’s Association
  • PERCCI – Port Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution


Qualifications in Progress

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Public Relations Diploma
  • Assessor & Moderator Course
  • Life Coach
  • BA Degree - Psychology


Karen Kelly

Laurie Pieters

Laurie Pieters

Marcel Oudejans

Mark Pilgrim


Mark Pilgrim Profile Image 01
Mark Pilgrim Profile Image 02

With his distinctive bald head, charismatic personality and easy-going demeanor, Mark is one of South Africa's most recognisable radio and tv personalities.

He has spent over 16 years entertaining millions of listeners on radio. He started his career on 5fm, and now broadcasts simultaneously on 94.7 Highveld Stereo in Johannesburg and 94.5 Kfm all across the Cape.

Mark has also hosted many television shows over the years, including the country’s first ever reality show, Big Brother SA and South Africa’s biggest ever game show The Power of 10.

Mark is a well-polished master of ceremonies, corporate deejay, as well as motivational speaker. In addition, he is a professional voice artist, having done countless radio and television commercials and audio-visual narrations.

Mark is happily married and lives in Sandton Johannesburg with his wife Nicole and daughter, Tayla-Jean. He is a cancer survivor, having been diagnosed at the age of 18 with stage 4 testicular cancer, which spread to his lungs and kidneys. In 2008, at the age of 38, he survived a severe and sudden heart attack, caused by a genetic condition. Despite narrowly cheating death twice, his positive and genuinely happy attitude towards life is infectious and motivates others to achieve their own personal goals in life.




Mark has been a professional MC for over 12 years. His warm and friendly delivery style has endeared him to thousands of delegates. Whether your function is a 2-day conference or a gala awards evening, Mark Pilgrim is there to make sure the evening goes according to plan!

Satisfied clients

Some of the many clients Mark has worked with over the years include:
Accenture, Africa Rail, Amadeus Southern Africa, Amalgamated Motor Holdings, Altech Autpage Cellular, Audi Sandton, Boston Scientific, BP Africa,
Brand House, Bridgelink, British American Tobacco, Canon, Cell C, Ciro Beverage Solutions, Columbus Stainless, Cresta Shopping Centre, Damelin,
Discovery Health, Emmanuels Staffing, Emperors Palace, Fiat Group SA, Flight Centre, GlaxoSmithKline, Honda, Hugo Boss, Indwe Risk Services,
Johnson & Johnson, Kia Motors, K-Line Shipping (South Africa), KPMG, Monte Casino, Netcare, News Cafe, Nokia, NOSA, Osiris, Pam Golding,
Prominent Paints, SA Breweries (Egoli Division), Sasol Polymers, SatCom Africa (Terrapinn), Shoden Data Systems, Shop SA, Silverstar Casino, Simeka Business Group, Sony Corporation (Japan), Spar, Standard Bank, Sun International, Toyota, USN, VISA, Vodacom and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

What some event companies have said

“We categorically rate Mark as the best MC in SA at the moment! We do lots of events and he is head and shoulders above the rest. He is such a pro and it was an absolute pleasure working him”
Belinda Chapman, The Production Hub
“Mark was absolutely brilliant. He read the crowd in the first five minutes and they lapped up every word he said!”
Hayley Harberer, Harberer Events
"Mark is truly a great MC. He gave my client and I exactly what we were expecting and more."
Albert Kruger, Contemporary Events
“Mark is a phenomenal master of ceremonies... one that truly holds the crowds interest!”
Lloyd Wild, Monster Parties


Mark is a polished motivational speaker. His 20-30 minute talk entitled Living your Dream is well suited to conferences and functions which are themed around reaching your goals, whether it be at work or in your personal life.
At the age of 18 Mark was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which spread to his lungs and kidneys. Mark’s inspirational story is anecdotal and humorous and reveals how cancer persuaded him to give up his training as a chartered accountant and follow his dream of being on radio. His story is a personal and poignant account of his journey, motivating anyone listening to follow their dreams, whether it is in the workplace or in their personal lives. He also uses the public platform to educate both young and old on the importance of checking themselves for any physical abnormalities and well as, should the disease affect you, how to find the strength to overcome it.

What some clients have said

"I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the fantastic talk at our business breakfast. Our clients were absolutely thrilled to be able to hear your
story" Lara Rosmarin, ICAS SA
"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the true inspiration you left with us yesterday, you definitely have the whole office buzzing about it this morning."
Emsie Bico, Standard Bank
"I'm sure you get this all the time, but thank you so much for an awesome motivational talk at the Table Bay Hotel. Keep up with all the great work you're doing in the Cancer field. I think the personal account really meant so much more than an average motivational talk." Deidré Foster, Department of Environmental
Affairs and Development Planning
Mark Pilgrim
Marks Maponyane Profile Image

Born 16-02-1962 in Meadowlands 

Marks Maponyane was a professional footballer for 17 years. In 1984 he was nominated as South African Sports Hero of the Year. In 1983, 1987 and 1994 Maponyane was awarded the SA Footballer of the year Award - the only South African to receive this award more than once. He was the Captain of Kaizer Chiefs between 1985 and 1988 and played for Bafana Bafana from 1992 to 1995. Maponyane has been involved with motivational speaking for most of his footballing career and also works as a Sales Executive with Adidas and Reebok. He is a successful businessman and runs his own business.
Marks Maponyane
Monique Strydom
Natalie du Toit
Peter van Kets

Ramona Kasavan

Motivation of Ramona Kasavan 

As a radio DJ and television presenter, I used my profile to start a project called Happy days 11 month ago. I decided to take a risk to create a positive and fresh brand that understood everything about being a girl through innovative thinking and truthful branding. 
A little bit about myself, I am a farmgirl from the rural part of KwaZulu Natal, I come from the majestic hills of Inanda. I have always had this passion to study and that led to me writing an Honours thesis on the way black and Indian women see themselves during the menstrual cycle by the constructs of femininity in advertising.   In August 2012, which is two years ago, my mother had asked me to create a sanitary pad as I would walk around and say when I am a powerful business women I am going to start a company that will help girls stay in school because of I need the need was great. She said why wait, let’s do it now.
From August to February last year, I had paid courier fees from the samples that I brought into the country that I tested within townships and rural areas. , I had also had the opportunity to test the market and create a high performance low cost sanitary pad that would be suitable to LSM 1-4. 
Strategy and execution took 9 month, all I had was a dream and heart, feet and hands to make it happen. I met an amazing graphic designer that helped me develop the idea and in October 2013, the first container of 36 000 packs of Happy days sanitary pads arrived in the country with no orders in place. The money for this had come from savings and family loans and any sort of coins I could find. 
After a glittering career in media for 7 years, two degrees and a change in city, I believe I found my place in the world. I have a moral obligation to help the 2 million rural girls in South Africa that have no access to basic sanitary pads. I always say that the human body can survive without food or water but every 28 to 32 days, your cycle is coming and there is no way of controlling it. My purpose is to inspire, create and empower safe spaces for young women of South Africa to find comfort and acceptance. 
In the last 11 months, we have been distributing sanitary pads to girls in rural South Africa due to the statistic that 60% of them miss school. During a 7 year cycle, a girl misses 350 days of school which leads to her dropping out and not continuing her school career therefore having to ambition or a Matric. The business model is based on girls receiving a year supply of pads that cost sponsors or donors R150.00 for 12 packs/ 120 pads.
We create hope, dignity and confidence by showing girls how to care for themselves. We have realistic conversations about pads, pregnancy and periods and inspire our future women leaders of tomorrow to believe in themselves. As a social entrepreneur, the sector is challenging but I do believe this can change through collaboration with public and private sector involvement. 
I believe I have a winning product that can change the lives of many young women in our country and the right tools, I can achieve my goal of  #2millionruralgirls.  To date, I have distributed 10 000 packs which has helped 835 girls stay in school, I have 199 165 000 girls to go.   
I am a Masters student at the University of KwaZulu Natal as well as a benevolent entrepreneur. My aim in this pilot was to create a sanitary pad that was cheap, easily accessible and vibrant to the younger women market. My reasons for this were based on 36 girls that I used from different demographics that experienced a menstrual period every month and their complexities of the menstrual system.
My research indicates that young girls are taught to believe that their menstruation is secretive and should not be discussed. Issues of confidentiality and shame have been identified with menstruation which further creates problems to the young girl’s life. Insecurities, fear and embarrassment have created a place in minds in these young girls which also involves their fear of exclusion from society.
Ramona Kasavan
Ruda Landman
Sibusiso Vilane
Tendai Mhizha

“Rock Star of public Speaking”


- Youngest JSE director in South Africa
- Influence over R4.27bn in capital through board
- Expertise are Sales, Strategy and Leadership

Keynote presentations include:

- The Black Sheep (what separates the “best” from the rest.
How do you become great)
- The Edge of Chaos (how to move your team from
competence to excellence)
- Africa Rising (strategic insights on doing business in Africa)


“Vusi is the epitome of the South Africa for which we fought”
Nelson Mandela
“We need a South Africa that will produce more Vusi’s”
Thabo Mbeki
“Vusi is truly talented … great resource for business leaders”
Adrian Gore
“Great insightful content of how to move from good to great. Excellent stuff”
Office of the Auditor General of South Africa
“Vusi is world-class”
Office of Chairman: Shell Marketing South Africa
“We love Vusi. We’ve used his services in Africa and Europe. Truly talented”
Top Employers Institute
“We’ve hosted conferences annually over many years…. Vusi is unlike any
other speaker”
Goodyear T yre& Rubber Holding (USA)

Who am I & what are my areas of expertise?

I am the only speaker globally to have been invited to Dragons Den as an investor.
This is because I have built several businesses, including a R400mln division that
was the most profitable business in a large multinational. Today, as Chairman of
Watermark Afrika Fund, I am spearheading a pan-African process of raising the
largest Growth Fund for high-growth high-potential entrepreneurs in Africa. My
strength is that I don’t theorise about business, I am in the trenches everyday and
have the scars of business war to prove it.

I am also amongst the youngest directors of a listed company in South Africa and influence over R4bn in capital.

My real strength is that I know how organisations can make the “step-change”
results they seek and how they can outpace their competition. We have helped our
investee companies grow by 10X on average over a 6-year period. If you’re looking
for a radical shift in results and attitudes, I am the guy you call.
My areas of expertise are Sales, Strategy and Leadership.

Why are my presentations of interest or relevance?

When your business has hit a plateau and your people are suffering from
“same-ness” - same customers, same processes, same culture and same result –
you need to radically shift their behaviours to improve results. I have worked in 17
countries in 4 continents assisting business leaders to radically shift their people
performance. My researched content is unlike any other speakers and gives
managers and leaders real tools for real change.
What makes me different to other speakers in my field?
Its a simple equation: experience + research + great delivery = real impact.
Over the past decade I have built a track record as the most successful speaker in
South Africa, with over 200 presentations in 2014 alone. I am the only speaker in
Africa to speak by invitation at the World Bank.

How would I describe my delivery style as a presenter?

Life is difficult. Business is complex. The role of the speaker is to inspire and inform.
My delivery style is light, comical and engaging. Over the past 13 years I have been
gracing the global stage with my humour, charisma & thought-provoking content. I
have the ability to deliver a serious message whilst keeping an audience enthused
and inspired.

Why use me & when you should do so?

If you want an off-the-shelf speaker with an off-the-shelf talk, don’t book me.
I am a business speaker. I am equally comfortable speaking to businesses and
business leaders at the highest level as well as to ordinary workers at the factory
floor. I am also the only speaker in Africa that is verified by global social media
network, Twitter. I am conference closer!
Vusi Thembekwayo









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