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Gilan Gork

Meet Ilan....

Ilan Smith, magician and illusionist, master of intrigue and wonder. Able to amaze, mystify and enrapture, he can release you from reality; suspend your disbelief and most importantly make you dream....

What his personal manager (wife) has to say.... 

Ilan was raised in the heart of Gauteng, on a plot in Pretoria. Having to live amongst chickens, cows and ducks, it’s no surprise his first magic trick was planting a feather and watching a chick hatch. 
Mentored by two of South Africa’s magical greats, George Moss and Graham Kirk, Ilan’s been entertaining professionally since the age of 16. Ilan constantly explores the intricacies of global magic and infuses his shows with the best workable magic of international standard out there. 
Specialising in jaw-dropping illusions of the mind and breathtaking sleight of hand, Ilan’s unique combination of enchantment and humour make his every performance a magical masterpiece at any event.
Ilan has a duality about him that makes his performances gobsmacking. A friendly nice guy who show cases SA, is full of surprises and lots of comedy. Not what you’d expect from this good Jewish boy. 
He has performed for companies, making cars, celebs or CEO’s appear (although I’m sure some would’ve rather disappeared) on stage. Whether a crowd of 10, 50, 650 or more, Ilan will have your guests gasping in amazement. Escape Artist extraodinaire, Ilan releases you from the confines of your beliefs while he performs escapes you’ll be too scared to watch! Balloons being swallowed, coins bitten in half, floating notes and knowing your thoughts, watch this master of amusement and amazement turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!
Being passionate about illusion and comedy, Ilan is looking to change the face of magic as never before experienced by South African audiences. In 2010 Ilan correctly predicted the outcome of the Soccer World Cup live in studio, with 94.7, 702 and 5FM bewildering the most sceptical John Robbie, DJ Fresh and Brad Brown. Breaking all expectations entertaining people, Ilan tailors his show to meet individual needs. Experience Ilan’s skill, style and creative flair with light hearted, unbelievable magic!

What  Ilan has to say..... 

I’ve been entertaining ever since I’ve said my first words, capturing audiences (besides my family) since my teens, and dream to usher in magic to the South African community beyond my animal menagerie, friends and colleagues. 
Having studied a BCom Degree in Marketing & Economics, I made my way through my studies with a pack of cards, and a subscription of the latest magic magazine. There surely was some mix-up with my university application form and I wound up in the business sector rather than the Arts. On discovering this error, I used knowledge gained to build a solid reputation in the entertainment industry and offer the most professional, humourous and magical service out there. 
As a member of three magic clubs, including the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and the South African Inner Circle of Magic it’s been confirmed that the most asked question to magicians is.....”Can you make my wife disappear?”
Magic is being used with great success and is one of the best attention- grabbing techniques, that blurs language, age, race and gender barriers. It’s about touching people. 
Seeing as though magic is an art form that affects people globally, there is no doubt that illusion and comedy will be a great success with local South African audiences. 
My goal as an entertainer is to provide a remarkable experience. Magical entertainment affects you personally, it shatters your belief of how things work and leaves an audience believing that anything is possible. True entertainment allows you to move someone in a way that transports them from their everyday problems. I give people something to enjoy and laugh about! 
In the words of Walt Disney ‘“It’s kinda fun to do the impossible”’. Welcome to my world of dreams, fantasy and make believe...It’s time to start believing. 

What  the Critics (previous clients) have to say.....

Redgwoods (Toys R US; Reggies Group)

Prima Facie your show was a great success! That’s exactly what I was trying to get across to my managers. Well executed and very relevant too.
Issy Zimmerman
Ilan created a comical magical routine where Pampers nappies literally disappeared from sight; visually representing the CEO’s message at their head management meeting.

Sun International – Nedbank Golf Challenge 

Ilan entertained for our Nedbank Golf Challenge, wow what an experience. This is not the kind of thing you get to see every day. We won’t forget Ilan and his magic for a long time. 
Annie Hodes, Angelfish Marketing
Ilan entertained VIP guests on the flight from Lanseria to Sun City


Ilan’s enthusiasm and energy were tremendous. We truly enjoyed both the close-up sleight of hand and the comedy magic stage-show. It really helped bring our group together and was therefore enjoyed by all. 
Thanks again. 
Lindi Markowitz, Marketing
Entertained close – up magic on a boat for their year end function

Group 5

We are speechless Ilan, everyone loved the show and enjoyed the MC work you did. Producing Mike (CEO) from your illusion on stage was gobsmacking and tons of fun! Thanks for the entertainment! 
Karren Nel
Ilan magically produced the CEO on stage, MC’ed the event and performed stage magic throughout the event.


Ilan is a true professional and takes great delight in his work. Ilan brought enormous charm and joy to our event. Our guests were amazed. Thank you!
Katina Hartman
Close-up strolling illusions where he turned an ordinary piece of paper into a prize refundable token for the guests as well as 3M branded card illusions.

Konica Minolta

Thank you Ilan for turning our function into such a vibe! Compared to our last years giveaway, your creativity spunked up the day and the entertainment was magical! Looking forward to working with you again at next years.
Ritchi Smith
Ilan developed a Charlie and the chocolate factory magical giveaway for their Dash for Cash, giving away R250 000 event. 


Magic- awesome, Entertainment- Awesome, People skills – awesome. Thank you, thank you on a job well done. 
Sara Wright
Performed branded, magical crowdpulling effects (Magicians Insurance Policy and Pencil through coin) at their PSG Konsult Convention


Ilan wowed the guests with his quick working hands and awesome magic. The laughter and banter you provided leaves your audience wanting more. Thanks for adding such a different take to our Kiss of the Saaz Hop activation.
BW productions
Ilan entertained at SAB activations and through playing a magical 3 card monte handed out branded presents for the guests.

General Motors – New Chevrolet Aveo launch

Ilan is professional and consistently a pleasure to work with. He always delivers as promised and often goes above and beyond to ensure we are more than satisfied with his performance.
Ilan entertained branded close up illusions for the Aveo Car launch.

Four D Marketing

Ilan is an absolute pleasure to work with, a great addition to any team. His magic and entertainment are world class.
Justine Mouton
Ilan entertained at the Hollard Carnivale Themed Event and The Telesure Roadshow. 


 “I don’t sleep at night wondering how Ilan does it. I’ve seen him up close. He is absolutely brilliant!” John Robbie
“Just when they think they know how you’ve done it, you get them rolling on the floor in amazement. I love watching your magic Ilan!”  David O’ Sullivan
“I am flabbergasted. I’m shocked. Until you experience it for yourself, you don’t realize how amazing it is…” Danny K
“Big up! Great magic! You know, once in a while, you need to get some magic. My faith in magic has been rekindled.” D.J Fresh
“Lovely stuff, my man. Great job. Thanks for the magic. Doctor Khumalo

Entertainment Options

Stage/ Stand Up & MC 

Whether you have a small group of guests or a large crowd, Ilan Smith can have all of your guests gasping in amazement. His innovative and highly engaging combination of magic, humor, audience participation and illusion means your choice of stage show or ‘stand up’, and the duration of the act/ MC work can be tailored to meet your needs. 

Close up

Intimate entertainment makes any event unforgettable. At your private or corporate function, watch Ilan Smith mingle with the crowd, perform expert sleight of hand and even defy the laws of the physical universe. Pure, personalised magic, matched with Ilan’s wit, will infuse your party, promotion, launch or reception with energy and fun.

Team-building, Rewards, Retreats and Incentives

Do you suspect that are few innovations left in the sphere of team-building? That, to improve group dynamics in your team, you’d need to pull a rabbit out of a hat? Why not try magic? Ilan Smith has the capacity to unify through entertainment, by teaching your group to perform magic themselves. And what better way to build a tighter team? 

Expert at the card table

This is for those of you who love cards and are fascinated by gambling and its cheats. This close-up card act is for the card enthusiast. Be prepared to experience what most people would bet is impossible. You will be given a glimpse into the moves and style of a card shark. Ilan will even let you in on a few secrets of this underground world.
How do you know your private poker game is clean? Get Ilan in to make sure. 

Infotainment Options

Product Launches, TradeShows, Conferences and Exhibitions

Research shows that magic is one of the best attention-grabbing techniques, able to produce up to 50% more leads! By using your product/brand/message in a magical way, Ilan creates the opportunity to educate and entertain using visual entertainment to bring pleasure and information to people.
Generate More Traffic! 
Generate More Leads! 
Deliver a Targeted Sales Message! 
Maximize your Success!
Be the Talk of the Show! 

Management Meetings

Because Ilan makes your business his business, his productions put a new spark in sales meetings, uplifts tense management meetings, makes a sweet change in your hospitality suite. He customizes his show to spotlight your brand, interweaving your message with his magic throughout.
Ilan will demonstrate tricks with a customised script dropping in key concepts about your product and company, what you would like people to walk away knowing. 

It’s time to start believing ...

Ilan Smith

Larry Soffer

Larry Soffer

Magic Man


World-class performer Magic Man is one of the most experienced and well-travelled magicians in the country. 

He has been touring North America, Canada and Asia for the past 15 years building an impressive list of achievements. From the Rolling Stones at the Sticky Fingers restaurant in London to the "wrap-up" party in Vancouver for U2's Zooropa Tour, Magic Man has entertained the finest! 

He has worked at the Edinburgh Festival and headlined at top nightspots across Europe, Canada and South Korea. He also spent two years on some of the finest cruise-liners in the world, entertaining the rich and famous. 

His show has tremendous appeal for all age groups, as demonstrated by his non-stop schedule of corporate engagements. Most recently, he was chosen to represent South Africa at the International Arts and Culture Festival in Frankfurt, Germany. Alongside other South African superstars like Mango Groove and Sipho Hotstix Mabuso, Magic Man was a huge hit, receiving encore after encore.

Since 1999, Magic Man has been an evergreen hit at Comedy Express evenings. He has appeared on the Comedy Express Video, M-Net's It's a Funny Country and SABC 2's Chuckle and Chat Show, and was also invited to work at the 1998 Smirnoff International Comedy Festival in Durban and Cape Town. 

Magic Man's boyish, charming blend of gags and unbelievable sleight-of-hand keeps the whole room enthralled

Magic Man


With his superb blend of talent, skill and persona, Mo Magic will leave you spellbound and enthralled throughout his dynamic presentations and performances. He is unlike any magician you’ve seen before. Combining the principles of science, sleight of hand, showmanship, illusion, psychology and audience participation he is guaranteed to provide a one of a kind experience.

Specialising in the corporate market, his performances are “clean”, emotionally engaging, visual, interactive and highly entertaining.He also personalises his show to enhance your event with your brand, message or product.

Dubbed the “James Bond of Magic” - Mo has fast become one of the country’s most recognised magicians and celebrities. His performances across the country and internationally, as well as his numerous appearances across all forms of media, have made him a household name. Even among his fellow professionals, Mo is held in high esteem.

Additionally, Mo holds a BSc Honours degree in electronic engineering and with 6 years of industry experience as a Project and Customer manager, he is also available to assist with planning your event, as an MC and facilitates his own team building programme.



Close Up / Walk Around Performance
Duration: 1, 2 or 3 hours

Here Mo Magic strolls amongst your guests, at tables or walk around, sharing extraordinary pieces of interactive magic.

The magic happens under their noses, and in some cases in their own hands. Whether he performs sleight of hand magic, takes their watches (and returns it naturally), bends the cutlery or reads their thoughts, your guests are guaranteed to remember this remarkable experience as part of YOUR event.

Stand Up / Stage Performance
Duration: 60 minutes

Mo is available for an interactive stand up or stage show for larger audiences, where guests are invited on stage to participate in the show. This is an astonishing and entertaining experience for both the participants and audience. The show is “clean”, contains humour and is enchanting.
Technical rider available on request.

Combination of Close Up / Walk Around
Performance & the Stand Up / Stage Performance

In many cases, clients enjoy a combination of the above two shows. This is a unique and memorable treat for your guests. Performance times vary as per your requirements.

Master of Ceremonies

Should your event require a touch of class with an MC, who is well spoken and entertaining, Mo Magic is the ideal choice. He is available as an MC alone, OR with the use of his world class magic.

Trade Shows, Exhibitions & Product Launches

Want to launch your product and make it truly memorable? Let Mo create magic using the product itself.

Mo Magic can promote your brand, product or message by combining these into his show to attract potential clients. Once he concludes the performance, he hands over the crowd to your sales team to provide more details.

Mo offers a promotional giveaway option whereby each of your clients receive a magic trick on DVD with a performance and instructions, personalised with YOUR brand name and your company contact details.

Team Building

Combining his six years of corporate experience (as a project and customer manager), the principles of magic and his quest for personal development, Mo creates a team building experience like no other. The program contains both theory and practical portions.
Team building program available upon request.


“Dubbed the “James Bond” of magic because of his charm, he has mesmerised audiences by bending metal objects with his mind, levitating or moving instruments without touching them.”
The Sunday Times

“Experiencing a sense of astonishment and wonder is what happens when encountering one of Mo Magic’s fascinating shows.”
The Mercury

“A performance by Mo Magic is nothing short of a mystical combination of sleight of hand, showmanship, illusion and audience participation that has left indelible effects on both local and international audiences.”
D’Arts Magazine

“Mo Magic is another name to look out for. The talented magician has a bag of tricks that will leave you spellbound.”
The Sunday Tribune

“Mo’s success has soared in a field that South Africa has been starved off, an all round package of magic, entertainment and character.”
Eastern Eye Magazine

“Mo, That was Magic! Thank You.”
Andy Flower (Coach, England Cricket Team)

Andrew Strauss (Captain, England Cricket Team)

"You did a wonderful job."
Lavelle Evans (Vocalist, Kool and the Gang)

“Mo, that was some good stuff.”
Clifford Adams (Trombonist, Kool and the Gang)

Mo Magic



Sieko's close-up magic is unmistakably unique as he blends his mastery of sleight of hand, with the art of mentalism to provide the audience with a truly mystifying experience. His comfortable yet traditional style, entertains young and old alike. 

His love for magic started at the tender age of 9, performing for family and friends. It wasn't long before Sieko joined the college of Magic in Cape Town to refine his skill. This passion and love for magic has grown over the years and has culminated in performing for audiences both in South Africa and internationally.

Sieko has performed in a variety of settings for en even wider range of people. Every show is individually tailored, the length and content specifically made for the audience and occasion. 

His preference when performing is the intimacy of close-up conjuring, drawing room style, demonstrating the impossible for small groups of people. Here Sieko performs with cards, coins and other objects. 

As a keen poker player himself Sieko has intimate knowledge into the the techniques of crooked gamblers and card sharps. Let him wow you with a display of the impossible at the card table.

For bigger occasions Sieko mingles with guests at a reception, or strolls between tables at a banquet, in order for larger numbers to see his close-up performance.


"Thank you for a wonderful performance! You are a true professional and it is very rare to work with artists' like yourself, who can captivate and transform an audience at an executive level." - MTN

"I had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing the mind boggling force that is Sieko Skrzypczak during an impromptu display of his abilities at  a 50th  birthdayparty I attended.

He takes Street Magic and combines it with his naturally charming and outgoing personality which leaves all that witness his skills wanting more." - Stuart Oakes, Partner Antal International

Stan Sussman

Stuart Lightbody

Stuart Lightbody

Vicus Cruywagen


The magic-bug bit Magician Vicus Cruywagen at the age of 10, when he received a magic set from his grandfather. Since that day he has been in love with the mystery and art of magic and illusion.

Aged just 21, Vicus landed a prestigious 4 month engagement at one of Singapore’s biggest theatres. Since then, he has performed in theatres, theme parks, casinos and on cruise liners around the world...Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and more!

Vicus designs and builds his magic equipment in his own workshop, which gives his work a unique edge. In his spare time he also makes equipment for other magicians, and is the administrator of the Johannesburg Magic Circle.

























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